"The feeling that doing kite in the steam room!"

October 15, 2019

      "The feeling that doing kite in the steam room!"
      At the World Beach Games – World Beach Games 2019 – the second day of qualification ended. Here is what the press service of the Krestovsky Ostrov Sailing School reports:

"The feeling that doing kite in the steam room!"

These competitions are organized by the International Olympic Committee and have a high status, ”said coach Alexei Chibizov. – Three years ago we knew about them and began to prepare to represent Russia in the discipline of Formula Kite. Only athletes who qualified on the basis of the international rating take part in the competition, and Russian athletes Denis Taradin (Krestovsky Ostrov) and Elena Kalinina (Academy of Sailing) successfully selected there.

The format of the event is determined by the International Olympic Committee, there is a program, everything is clearly scheduled and everyone follows the established schedule. A good test for kite on the eve of the upcoming Olympics 2024, where it is included!

Now about the races. In Qatar, in the Persian Gulf, we have performed before, but this was usually in November. Now here the air temperature is 33-36, and the water is at least 32 degrees. Already in training, it became clear that the body simply does not have time to cool! Very hot! The feeling that you are doing a kite in the steam room!

The wind is a breeze. But it is very unstable and constantly with approaches up to 30 degrees. There is a certain lottery. Kites in the men's fleet are 21 sizes, girls are mainly chasing 18-19.

According to the results of qualification, Denis got into the semifinals from the 10th position, Lena entered the semifinals in 3rd place. Today, the women's semi-finals are scheduled to start, and Lena has good chances to get into the finals and continue the fight!

The men's fleet starts are scheduled for the 16th, so Denis has a rest today and then a fight in the semifinals.

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