Thompson and Gabar turned over to Argo

February 16, 2019

      Thompson and Gabar turned over to Argo
      On Monday, February 18, the RORC Caribbean 600 regatta will start on Antigua, the participants of which are to follow the route laid among 11 Caribbean islands.

Thompson and Gabar turned over to Argo

In this regatta, 78 vessels from more than 20 countries were to take part (including under the Russian flag, but we will tell about this later). In the meantime, we will report that in the RORC Caribbean 600 fleet there was one less boat, and this caused a very loud resonance.

Yesterday, during a recent training session south of Antigua, the trimaran MOD 70 Argo of the American skipper Jason Carroll rolled over. The cause of the capsize, according to witnesses to the incident, was an absolutely unexpected increase in the wind to a squall, whose speed exceeded 25-27 knots.

It is especially noted that at this moment the famous Brian Thompson and Francois Gabar were on board the Argo as guests. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

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