All days there was a wave

February 23, 2019

      All days there was a wave
      In Portugal, Vilamoura Coach Regatta ended, the press service of the Krestovsky Island School reports. The best of Russian athletes in the “Laser Radial” was Ekaterina Morgun, who took 9th place. Valeria Lomatchenko – 15th.

All days there was a wave

Next was Ekaterina Bereza, Dmitry Golovkin, athlete from the Krestovsky Island School, finishing 24th.

“Maria Kislukhina tore her back in training, so they decided that she would not chase,” said trainer Diana Krutskikh. – Will return to Peter, check with the doctors – the pain is strong.

On the first day of the regatta, the average wind was blowing, about 12-15 knots. The second one is strong – up to 22, and yesterday’s nodes are 15-17 and then sour to 10-12. All the days there was a wave, in the final – a very big one. At first we were not allowed out, because there was a low tide, the depth was small and it was not safe to go out. Hour and a half waited on the shore. And when the tide began, and the water rose, released.

In general, the conclusions are that everyone is tired: there is a lack of general physical training. We did not have the task to keep up on the result and all the more to win. We planned to experiment at the start, to work with Fordak, to look at the opponents.

All regatta results:

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