Kim Andersen: there are problems, many problems we will solve them

Known online the online Scuttlebutt sailing in anticipation of the next Conference WS published a large (five parts!) monologue the current head of the World Sailing by Kim Andersen on the problems of today’s sailing and, in fact, the problem WS. We offer our readers a slightly abridged translation of the message of Kim, de facto is its mission statement.

Known online the online Scuttlebutt sailing in anticipation of the next Conference WS published a large (five parts!) monologue the current head of the World Sailing by Kim Andersen on the problems of today’s sailing and, in fact, the problem WS. We offer our readers a slightly abridged translation of the message of Kim, de facto is its mission statement.

1. Sponsorship and Finance

Even before my election taken some strategic decisions were based on prior commercial agreements and sponsorship contracts already in existence at the time. WS and the Council knows, of course, that sponsorship with Gazprom came to an end, and also the fact that some of the pre-commercial assumptions have been realized much later.

I can’t say that because of the loss of this sponsorship we’ve become a lot better, so it is a subject of real concern. But I have to say that many other things you can find on the Internet does not provide us with a real challenge. This is simply because people have no real understanding of the budgeting process. I tried to explain last time, trying to understand what motivates people who disagree in General with the development of our sport, so which class should become Olympic, etc.

Unfortunately, around our sails happened quite a few scandals, and it really is a shame, because sailing is not a problem with doping or other problems present in many other sports. But we have lots of boaters who, not knowing in fact what is happening in the world of sailing, trying to put the latter in a situation where he has to defend himself.

So I can say that today all members of the Council have a full set of financial information, and a clear idea of how to resolve financial difficulties.

Despite this, there is still a certain group of people from the outside Bodiroga this difficult question. But they – once again – today have no real knowledge of what funds are actually funded sailing; with the only information that the only source of income WS are supposedly the only direct tranches from the IOC.

But today, we are developing a new model to try to create a much better balance between the Olympic tranches and other sources. This work takes a little longer than we would like, and, frankly, the scandal doesn’t really help this issue. But this way is the right way.

Let me remind you that in 2017, we have gained major sponsors such as SAP, Volvo, Rolex. And we will announce a new sponsor at the Annual conference in 2018. So the level – or, more correctly, a balance in our income gets better compared to the previous version, when we had income only from the Olympic games and the IOC. So it is very good.

2. About managing events and telephonethe

World Sailing increasingly involved in the running of sailing events and the World Cup, for example, is a Prime example. It costs money, that’s why it’s important to World Sailing took a practical role in the events that are part of Olympic life.

It is important to World Sailing, and the event organizers and class associations and our members WS stuck together hands in this matter. Since the start of the World Cup as you may know, was superimposed on the existing schedule of events. The result was a conflict of commercial interests of some sponsors against other sponsors.

So very obviously, it seems to me that the World Sailing must create your own structure around the events of the World Cup, but I don’t think, however, that World Sailing should independently conduct all events of the World Cup.

We watched you very closely, how we can change the structure of the World Cup, because now she does not have the cost (value) which would have to have. But we believe that the concept of World Cup is getting better and better at least because we have a great presentation of the World Cup by the forces of mass media. Although here we have not all smooth…

For example, when it comes to the presentation of our sport at the Olympic games, we never worked well enough on how you need to cast it. Sailing will never, repeat, never went ahead and developed the broadcast standard. So when are the Games and the organizers of the broadcast to ask what we need, we answer more or less meaningless ask them what do they want from us.

As a result, we tend to get what they can show the audience, not what benefits our sport. So, what do we do now, after I became President of the WS? We invest in the creation of TV standard display of our sport. Now, we have managed to integrate graphic standards SAP system Swiss Timing, which provide technical services during the Games.

I’m not saying now that we are all already fixed, but on the contrary, I claim that the World Sailing slept for years, without setting the TV standard of how we translate, how we present our sport on television. And now there is no point to complain every four years that can show our sport better, but not doing anything at all in between Olympic years.

3. About Paralympic sports

After that sailing has been removed from the Paralympic games in Tokyo 2020, we were all very optimistic believe that he will return to the Games in 2024. And I was deeply surprised by the refusal of the IPC, because we worked so hard on this issue. We were in close contact with the IPC and hope that a more complete understanding of their requirements, not just meet them but to surpass them. And, in our opinion – I’m still sure of it – we surpassed them on all counts.

After the answer of the IPC, we examined their opinions, and although it is not necessary to speak in public, at least 60% of their responses are, in my opinion, mistaken. Currently we’re back to working with the IPC to give them our feedback on each response. We continue to hope to understand how they were able to develop such a rating.

The good news was to see the numerical growth of the Paralympic sails, which occurred in 2016. That was difficult because he was not an Olympic discipline, and national funding in many countries did not exist. And we have no right to lose this momentum. One way or another, breaking the Olympic status of the Paralympic sails or not, we need to make this type of sailing one of our priorities.

4. The sail and the Olympics

Sailing at the Olympics once before used the material, which was widely distributed in the rest of the sport. But now often sailing racing equipment designed specifically for the Olympics. In addition, the format of the races are completely unique and new solutions to conduct sailing races in Paris 2024 is even more removed from the “typical sailing”.

But our sport can really vary widely, and it is diverse. Olympic courses will usually reflect the variation scheme “loop” (wind/wind), but is that what actually faced sailors at sea?

I think that because for many, many years, we have hosted an Olympics in terms of sails this way, many people have no idea what the case might be completely different. Let’s look at things from this angle: you have played just ten medals at the Olympics, unless these race should not represent as wide a range of sailing? Don’t get me wrong, everything should be carried out at a very high level, of course, but given the huge variety in sailing, why we represent a relatively narrow program, “up and down”?

I’ll try again to clarify: I don’t think we should change our sport as such, but I say: let’s try to discuss how we most adequately represent the diversity in the sport, how to do it the best way possible?

But this discussion can not begin to go in a dignified manner only because existing classes don’t want to change. But I think World Sailing need sailing as a whole and not only the Olympic classes (as it now looks from the outside), installing inside of our sport beyond what we should do and what we must not do.

It is interesting to recall that my friend Paul Elvstrom said in 1992, when we discussed the classes of yachts used at the Olympics. He noted that it is impossible to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all, making small technical changes which, allegedly, are in the interests of everyone. On the contrary, it is necessary to radically start everything from the beginning to the end and get the results that wish the participants.

However, he also noted that this likely will not happen. And noted that while his old friends as officers of those or other classes “sit on top” IYRU, the IYRU (World Sailing today) will become increasingly irrelevant.

Personally I think at the Olympics (participating in the sailing classes) should show as the newest sports development, and some classic elements that are part of our sport and heritage. And I still think that our Olympic program is the 2020 is not so bad, but the discussions on the program for 2024 is already moving away from this concept.

5. Our mission is to promote sail

There are many parameters that need to be done to become the international sailing Federation and to be recognized at the international level. There are certain quality standards that you should be doing as a Federation. And it is here that the Sailing World can and should maintain order in the house.

World Sailing also defines the places that need our support: for example, this has led us to begin to actively promote sail in the middle East and in China. We look at all aspects, from youth to the Olympics.

I think some of our largest events create a huge interest in sailing. Looking back at the world Cup in Aarhus in 2018, I will say that it is impossible to underestimate the event, which attracted fifteen hundred sailors from 86 countries.

So now there is a fairly active media promotion of our sport, and that is what we have made it a priority in relation to global sailing events. We invest heavily in all forms of media, creating (what I said) standards, developing the principles of how new imaging technology will be able to explain our sport to attract new audiences.

I can see how you can use this technologically new lighting in the media to promote sailing and profit. So we need to look at how we can commercialise the use of these new technologies.

However, this is similar to the situation with chicken and egg. We need to invest before we we can actively promote, and we need something to actively promote to get interested investors.

But I think we are on the right track.

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