From Kaliningrad in Kaliningrad!

Here’s the news we read on one of the Kaliningrad pages on Facebook:

Quietly in Kaliningrad has been an outstanding event in the local area, and the whole of the Russian yachting – Kaliningrad yachtsman Vladimir Karataev completed his three-year circumnavigation on the yacht Inspiration II.

Most of the way – the Pacific and Indian oceans, part of the Atlantic, Sredizemku, Red sea and Baltic Vladimir was alone. Was no sponsorship, no advertising, relying only on yourself and your strength. During the trip experienced many adventures, the calms and the storms, the passage piratepack areas, broken equipment and torn to shreds the sails.

And here under a fine drizzling rain Inspiration II came to the pier of the yacht port Heidekrug (Seaside). On the banks of Vladimir met the children, grandchildren and friends-yachtsmen. Hugs, pats on the back, handshakes, congratulations and of course, the traditional roast suckling pig (actually, a cake in the form of a pig).

All the world over. What’s next? This will tell himself Vladimir, when you get a little rest.

PS Yacht Russia congratulates Vladimir Kartaeva with the completion of the world trip! Keep it up!

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