Favorite start

September 2, 2019

      Favorite start
      On Sunday in the Primorsky Territory, the all-Russian regatta for the Peter the Great Bay Cup-2019 and the Russian championship in the Konrad 25R yacht class ended.

Favorite start

This is a beautiful, very difficult and, undoubtedly, the most favorite competition in the sailing calendar of the region. Each year, the crews train throughout the season, update the equipment, prepare boats in order to spend the summer sometimes very extreme races and walk 500 miles of the real Sea of ​​Japan.

This time the regatta was held from August 22 to September 1, more than 300 yachtsmen and 42 yachts took part in the races. And they had to fight again and again with the vagaries of local weather.

For 10 days, all participants went through 7 races: 4 short (for 3-4 hours) and 3 long, lasting 1.5 days or more. The program was very tightly formed: the participants completed one race, slept after a sleepless night, and in the morning started the next one and a half race. This time, the seaside weather showed itself in all its glory: showers lasting a day, thunderstorms with lightning striking directly into the water, exhausting calm, strong currents and changing winds – the participants had enough impressions for a year ahead to pack up and fight with new strength in this regatta next year.

In the Russian championship in the Konrad 25 R class, there has been a fierce struggle for the main cup since the first short race. A long-standing dispute between the Vladivostok and Nakhodka crews, equally familiar with the insidious and unpredictable waters of Peter the Great Bay, this year culminated in the victory of the crew from Vladivostok – the Foxtrot yacht with captain Igor Soloveitchik. The fight for first place went to the last meters in the last race – the gap in points was minimal. Among the three leaders, in addition to Foxtrot, were the Nakhodka Poet and the winner of recent years, the Artist, but in the end the team of yachtsmen pulled out the victory from the Vladivostok Yacht Club Seven Feet, and two Soloveichiks worked in the crew – father Igor and son Novel.

– We still can not realize our victory. We went to her for many years and, finally, the main cup is ours. Taxied in turn, changed. A large crew was announced for all the races, we went with different compositions, but at the same time everyone was well-coordinated and tuned for the maximum result. Probably, the reasonable expenditure of strength of the team members became the main factor in the victory, ”said Igor and Roman Soloveichiki.

The winners say that this year, as never before, it was very difficult to compete with rivals: the level of all crews grew noticeably, and any yacht from the top ten could easily get to the top.

The second place was won by the Poet with Andrei Pobedin and the third by Dmitry Khodyrev and his Artist. In other test groups this year there were no special revelations.

The special challenge cup “Blue Ribbon of the Sea of ​​Japan” went to the 50-foot yacht Peregrine Falcone as the fastest yacht, which was faster than everyone in all races. This year, she spent an estimated 500 miles 63 hours 55 minutes 33 seconds in absolute time.

– We initially set ourselves the goal of getting the cup of the fastest yacht. Opponents sought to challenge our leadership, but in the end we were faster than everyone, despite the weather not according to the forecast, which greatly influenced the results in all the test groups, says Peregrine Falcone tactician Gleb Brant.

And indeed, no source gave accurate forecasts for the upcoming races. In the “Cape Gamova” race of about 100 miles, there were two possible scenarios for the development of the weather: calm or heavy wind. As a result, both predictions came true: in the area of ​​Cape Gamova, the yachts fell into a strong flurry with a deafening thunderstorm and heavy rain, according to measurements from different yachts, the wind reached from 15 to 25 meters per second. And when the storm abated, absolute calm came, and the yachts drifted for half a day without wind.

However, according to nonresident participants, it is precisely this unpredictability that attracts them to the Peter the Great Bay Cup in Vladivostok from year to year. Mikhail Chekalin from Novorossiysk, a member of the tuning fork yacht, says that every year he participates in the main regatta of the Far East.

– For every KZPV I am here. This year's regatta is very difficult, on the one hand. On the other hand, she was interesting because she allowed herself to test herself. It was all: heat, sun, then downpour, thunderstorms with squalls, but as a result, none of the fleet broke, everyone showed what they were capable of. I got an incredible charge of emotions, ”said the participant in the competition.

This year, the most experienced was Igor Veniaminovich Popov, the captain of the yacht "Master" from Vladivostok, who turned 78 years old. And the youngest participant was 14-year-old Yulia Kuzubova, a member of the Boomerang crew.

Special gifts were also awarded to the only female crew of the Boomerang yacht with captain Daria Ishchenko and other participants.

Yana Konoplitskaya,
Seven Feet Yacht Club Press Center

Full competition results are available on the Seven Feet Yacht Club website –


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