The weather was valid

September 2, 2019

      The weather was valid
      The yacht club of St. Petersburg ended the championship of Russia in international class. For five days, 287 athletes from 36 cities of Russia and Belarus competed in the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland.

The weather was valid

In the early days of the regatta, the organizers and riders were not lucky with the weather. On Wednesday in St. Petersburg there was heat and calm, a wind force of 0.5-1 knots did not allow for a single race. On the second day, the holding of races was also in question, but towards evening, the wind still appeared on the water area of ​​the Neva Bay, and the athletes entered the water. A variable and unstable wind with a force of 4 to 6 knots allowed the organizers to conduct two races in each of the classes.

On the third day, the athletes also did not wait for a strong wind, but thanks to the skill of the judiciary, the athletes still went the distance. The organizers gave the start to the races with an unstable wind of 4-7 knots, which allowed for one race in all classes except “29”. In the class “420”, a strong-willed effort managed to give two full starts at once.

After two abnormally hot and calm days on Saturday in St. Petersburg, the ideal weather for sailing was established. Thanks to a strong and stable wind, the organizers completed the maximum program and conducted from three to five races in each of the classes.

The final day of the regatta turned out to be the same as its first days. The east wind with a force of 0 to 2 knots did not allow athletes to develop high speeds. The judges did not start in the classes "Techno", RS: X and "Nakra 15". Weather conditions in the water area of ​​the Neva Bay have changed only closer to 14.00. In gusts, the wind reached 4 knots, and athletes in the classes "Laser 4.7", "29th" and "420" entered the distance. The judges competently set the distance relative to the direction of the wind, so full-fledged races took place in all three classes.

Most of all, the crew of the Academy of Sailing in the 29th class Ilya Chuprina / Rodion Brovin was delighted, because they had a chance to get ahead of their main competitors – Dmitry Lazdin and Miron Gorkovenko (SSHOR No. 6, Tolyatti). However, the race did not go according to the scenario of the Petersburgers. Ilya and Rodion came second, and rivals – third, but by the decision of the protest committee, both crews were disqualified. As a result, the final state of affairs in the table among men has not changed. Dmitry Lazdin and Miron Gorkovenko got gold, Ilya Chuprina and Rodion Brovin got silver, and bronze went to another crew of the Academy, Ivan Sologubov and Vladislav Grakhov. Among the girls, the first are Polina Pereshivkina and Victoria Liksanova (Krestovsky Island), the second are Evgenia Stepanova and Anna Korneva (Sailing Academy), and the third are Alena Sukhova and Natalya Ermakova.

“In the last race, our match flight with Ilya Chuprina began even before the start,” says Dmitry Lazdin, an athlete from Togliatti. – He tried in every possible way to approach me, to be as close as possible. And the whole race we went together, fought with each other. As a result, both broke the rules. At first he did not yield to me, then I also made a mistake, which led to my disqualification. ”

In the "420" class among men, the crew from the Moscow Region won – Denis Lepin / Mikhail Karelin. The second place was taken by Mikhail Sakhovsky / Igor Malyavsky (Sochi), and the third – Maxim Safin / Bogdan Alyautdinov (Tolyatti). Among the girls there were no equal to the crew of the Academy of Sailing Anastasia Deryagina and Sofya Vereshchagina, who also took third place in the overall standings.

“We are pleased with the result, but it could have been better,” says the athlete of the Academy Sofya Vereshchagina. – We really liked the conditions – on the first day there was a slight wind, and then it blew relatively strongly. In a weak wind we showed our best result, but in a strong wind we did not finish. It’s very interesting to test yourself against the background of boys, because all the boys are very strong, it’s very difficult to overtake them, but it makes us move on and work on ourselves. ”

In the most numerous discipline at this Championship of Russia – “Laser 4.7” – the riders of “Krestovsky island” occupied the entire podium. According to the results of the last race, Peter Pashutinsky took off in first place. Following him, team partners Dmitry Golovkin and Maxim Shaposhnikov finished. The fourth in the overall standings and the first among the girls came Alexandra Lukoyanova (14).

“I was interested in competing with the guys,” says Alexandra Lukoyanova. – I got the experience of racing in a diverse wind. It was interesting to chase the boys, because they are still in some moments stronger than us. It was very interesting to compete at their level. I liked the atmosphere of the regatta. The championship of Russia takes place once a year, and we meet with guys whom we have not seen for a long time. ”

At the "red" distance, where windsurfers compete in the "Techno" and RS: X classes, the races did not take place, so the results remained unchanged.

In the Techno class, under the age of 15, Nikita Nezhentsev from Sevastopol was the best. Four points were lost to him by athletes from Sevastopol and the Krasnodar Territory Dmitry Nesterenko and Polina Ovchinnikova, who won the standings among the girls. In the age category under 17 years old, Danila Dineev from Meleuz won, but he outperformed his main competitor, Ivan Kovbasyuk from Sevastopol, only in additional indicators. In the women's classification, Anna Baranova won. At an older age, windsurfer from Moscow SSHOR No. 26 Ivan Efimov won gold. In the standings behind him are the athlete of the Academy of Sailing Andrei Spiridonov and SSHOR No. 3 Alexander Khristianovsky.

In the RS: X Olympic class, under the age of 21, Anton Tokarev from Moscow school №26 and Krestovsky Island athlete Ilya Kirichuk fought for leadership. Racers scored the same number of points, but Anton beat Ilya in additional indicators. In the U19 standings, Sochi racer Konstantin Kochkonyan finished first with a wide margin. Among the girls, Muscovite Yana Reznikova became the best. Anastasia Shchedrina from the Academy of Sailing and Julia Kavalerchik from Krestovsky Ostrov finished next.

Recall that according to the results of the competition, the composition of the teams in the corresponding classes will be determined, which will represent Russia at international regattas in 2020.

At the award ceremony, the President of the All-Russian Sailing Federation Vladimir Nikolayevich Silkin addressed the participants of the Russian Championship with a welcoming speech.

“It's great that almost 300 girls and boys from almost all sailing regions of Russia competed in this beautiful area,” said Silkin. – It is clear that the weather was valid, because there was very little wind, but I can say that the strongest always wins. Athletes need to be able to race in both weak and strong winds. I want to say that you are the closest reserve of the Olympic team. In a few years, many of you will be playing in the Russian team. I congratulate you on the completion of the Championship! ”

Philip Kovalev,

PR-manager of the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg

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