Winged Formula


      Winged Formula

The first world championship in the Formula Windsurfing class took place in the Polish city of Puck. Many will be surprised: how is it – the first, if this windsurfing class has long been well known?

Winged Formula

The explanation is simple: it was the first Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championship. Notice the Foil word? That's the whole secret. Formula Windsurfing has become winged.

The fight in Puck was exciting. Just imagine: after the 21st race (with five shots), the fate of the gold medal was decided by just one point! The Australian Steve Allen – 39. The Pole Machek Rutkovsky – 40.

Performed in Puck and the Russians. The best of ours – Sergey Pavlenko – finished 35th. But it became the second in the category "GMaster". Cool!

Full championship results –

93 Yesterday # 9233

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