Create An Association!

Today, the Association of ORC class Northwest issued the following press release:

“On March 2 the Bureau of the WFTU took a new Position on the recognition of classes. Under the new Provisions, each class in Russia, there must be an Association class.

Due to the fact that currently the only public organization representing the class of ORC in Russia, is a “class Association of ORC North-West”, the Association temporarily assumes the functions of the managing organization of the class, and
at the same time appeals to all interested persons and organizations with the proposal to create the Russian Association of class.

“The ORC class Association of North-West” was formed in 2018 in St. Petersburg. The aim of the Association is to promote class ORC, development and implementation of the recommendations of the competitions and the organization of the Cup of the ORC.

Association developed guidelines that are used in the organization of regattas held in Saint-Petersburg, and also held “Open Cup of St. Petersburg in the yacht class ORC 2018”.

The plans of the Association for the year 2019:
– carrying out activities to promote the class;
– “Open Cup of St. Petersburg in the yacht class ORC 2019”;
– preparation of works on creation of “Russian Association of class ORC”.

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