Digital detox for the salvation of the ocean: Dan Lenard to cross the Atlantic without fuel and GPS

Co-founder of the Agency design yachts Nuvolari Lenard Dan Lenard (Lenard Dan) is preparing to sail alone to cross the Atlantic, according to Boat International. Non-profit project fully funded by the Leonard. The designer hopes that his journey will help to draw attention to the problem of damage caused to the environment of modern yachting.

“Sailing is the only mode of transportation that truly meets the sustainable development agenda. But the last 100 years we started to combine the movement of sailing with the “dirty” technology: today, no one goes sailing without using diesel,” explains Leonard.

The journey of 4,800 nautical miles starts in Cadiz (Spain) in January 2019. Leonard will go to his carbon Vela 33 — personally developed “environmentally friendly ultra-modern sailboat, yachting returns to the origins of seafaring”. Destination would be Miami (USA), where the designer intends to get to the Miami Boat Show on February 14-18, 2019.

“I will be 4800 nautical miles, without burning any fossil fuels, without creating waste, without using electric or electronic devices. No solar cells, wind, autopilot. Only the man and the boat as 5,000 years ago when humanity discovered the first truly environmentally friendly transportation — sailing ship,” says Leonard.

It is planned that even food, which the designer will take with them will be Packed so that he did not have to throw garbage into the ocean either during travel or after its completion.

As regards technology on Board will not be installed even the Registrar of the traveled distance. But the security measures were decided not to be neglected, so in case of emergency — a boat is a life raft and EPIRB EPIRB.

In addition, during the voyage, Leonard will be able to send your coordinates via satellite relay, so the support team will monitor his daily progress.

The expedition was called “La Vite e Vela”, which in Italian literally translates as “Grapes and sail”. Not to mention how it resonates with “La vita è bella” — “Life is beautiful”. 3-4 weeks of unity with nature and navigation by the sun and stars are likely to finally unite these phrases in the minds of Leonard, if he will favour weather.

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