Record in a gift anniversary: Boot Dusseldorf sums up

The pavilion is the biggest boat show Boot Düsseldorf celebrated this year its fiftieth anniversary with a special scale: 220 thousand square meters, and 2 thousand exhibitors from 73 countries.

Look at all this splendor from 19 to 27 January came around 250 thousand visitors from more than 100 countries.

For comparison, a year ago, the show attracted 247 thousand.

“I have been to many events here in düsseldorf, but this Boot was unique. In the halls of the great atmosphere, people on the stands festive mood, the exhibitors more than satisfied. This means that we definitely achieved their goal: they all will remain exceptional memories of this amazing anniversary exhibition”, — said CEO of show organizer Messe Düsseldorf Werner Matthias Dornscheidt (Werner Matthias Dornscheidt).

Very popular German show (not counting locals) enjoyed this year from the Dutch, Belgians, British, Swiss and Italians.

The secret of popularity of Boot Düsseldorf, apparently, is that this event is equally suitable for B2B meetings, and to demonstrate the trends in the industry.

For example, the people responsible for making decisions in the largest Charter companies use the exhibition to communicate directly with all players in the market and to compare companies among themselves. On the other hand, it allows to expand the customer base, because Charter is just one of the main trends in the industry that followed, including visitors to Boot Düsseldorf. Not surprisingly, for both purposes they choose German exhibition.

No joke — this year the exhibition was represented by fifteen hundred boats!

Again returning to the question about trends, the results we can say that in the new season demand, it seems, are not only for big boats longer than 12 meters, but small. At least, this view came to visiting the exhibition, experts. A lot of attention visitors paid to mnogoyarusnyi.

“I expect Boot-2019 will be a stimulus and a driving force in all sectors of the industry of water sports. Our members were full of enthusiasm because of the impressive national diversity among visitors and their qualifications,” said the Director of the German Association of representatives of the water sports industry jürgen Tracht (Jürgen Tracht).

Another sector of the exhibition, whose popularity has grown significantly this year, was the area devoted to recreational diving and trends in water sports.

To look at the innovations in surfing gathered 100 thousand enthusiasts.

According to manufacturers of boards, many visitors to the exhibition rediscovered this sport. For divers, Boot Düsseldorf is the main event of the year, during which the planned visit, the teams are formed and tested by the latest equipment.

Next year the exhibition will be held from 18 to 26 January.

To Preface it in December 2019 will be a party on the floating crane Big Willi, marking the 40th anniversary.

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