Who was pleased, who was disappointed

On lake Garda in Italy ended in 37th Lake Garda Optimist Open international regatta in the class “Optimist”, which
“The Guinness book of records” as the world’s largest regatta for a class of yachts.

This year it was attended 1164 young athletes from 40 countries, including from Russia.

Says the coach of the OptiPro and the Academy sailing Denis Razumovich: “this year the Garda did not beat last year’s record number of participants due to the fact that in many countries undergo internal selection to national teams at the world Cup, but the quality is little affected. With the weather this year we were fortunate from day to day we were pleased working stable wind of 15 to 22 knots.

Mostly our athletes competed at their level. The best result was shown by Kirill Shanenkov, which became the 17th. To the regatta he approached responsibly, have increased in stability compared to previous years. Plus has developed a competent strategy for the whole regatta, which also became a significant advantage.

A little disappointed Sascha Minibaev, he lost speed and this was in the Golden fleet. Periodically “shoot” our young people, in particular, Nikita Black, Marina Babkina, we rely on them in the near future.

Collection and regatta took place in a good mode, we have conducted the required number of hours on the water, which is very pleasing.

Ahead of the qualifier teams, it is important to approach them in good shape.”

But it said the best of the Russians Kirill Shanenkov, became the regatta 17th:
“Hopefully, next year I will be even better. Things I did well: more or less stable to come drive the boat on an even keel and therpeutic. I didn’t get a normal start, because in one fleet of 157 people, and they all wanted to get out with one hand, but on some starts, I managed to leave in leaders.”

Russian “optimistic” in recent years, traditionally take part in the regatta, however, success was achieved not always, because the Garda in the fight for one of the most prestigious trophies meet the best athletes, leaders of national teams.

Over the past 13 years successful include the results of the Russians:

2006. Jan Czech – 15th.

2009. Mikhail Ushkov takes 2nd place in the cadets (9-11 years);

2011. Alexander Moskvichev and Paul Stories get into the top 50 juniors (12-15 years);

2014. Daniil Krutskikh takes 3rd place, and Zoya Novikova – 1st girls and overall 23rd in the juniors;

2015. Alexander Lukoyanov becomes 1st among girls and 2nd in the overall standings of the cadets. Nikita Melnikov, Denis Lepine and Vladimir Novoselov fall in the top-50 juniors.

2017. Dmitry Lazdin – 3rd, Alexander Lukoyanov – 1-I for girls and 21st in the overall standings.

2018. Maxim Shaposhnikov – 19th.

All results are available here –


Evgeny Kitaev

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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