Famous Tolbachik will be a monument

According to the decision of the government Council for the preservation of cultural heritage Smolny to include in the register of monuments of Petersburg Tolbukhin lighthouse, which stands a few kilometers from the island of Kotlin. About this reported on may 28, city Committee on protection of monuments.

Mayak Tolbukhin is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Baltic sea. Located to the North-West of Kronstadt, founded in 1719 and since then over 300 years, carries his service.

Built on the personal order of Peter I. Preserved a sketch of the tower, personally drafted by Peter, sketch the basic dimensions and made a PostScript: “…protchaya given at will I”. The seventh of August, 1719, the construction of wooden towers was completed.

In 1810 was completed the stone tower. From 1719 to 1736, the lighthouse was called Kotlinski, and later was named Tolbukhin in honor of Colonel Fyodor Semenovich Tolbukhin defeated in 1705 at Kotlinski spit the Swedish Marines.

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