Beneteau Oceanis 58 – a whole new kind of luxury

John Carno experienced the potential of the latest Oceanis yachts before it went into the blue expanse of the sea for the more serious journey. When Ian and Andrea Treleaven say “let’s take a ride under sail”, you immediately perk up your ears. And when the choice falls on the vessel Beneteau Oceanis 58, then you probably take your camera and head to the yacht.

Ian travelled to New Zealand (from Australia) and was fond of racing small yachts, but today he and Andrea more known for his travels in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean on his yacht Beneteau 50 and books about these travels.

A few months ago, the first new yacht Beneteau Oceanis 58 arrived in Sydney and was retrofitted in order to meet all the requirements of its new owner, who had their own idea of what it should be. Hull colour grey was part of submitted claims, which also includes the installation of additional overhead mast for storm mainsail. Desalination plant, ice maker and washing machine are on the ship so that it was ready for serious and long journeys, and that was done in the waters of the Pacific ocean immediately after receiving the vessel. It is noteworthy that the owner moved this boat from a Beneteau First 47.7, having previously Oceanis 390 motor yacht Riviera. We can note two reasons why it happened. First, Oceanis 58, the new epitome of luxury, great speed and is truly unique in its ability to fulfill all what she wants from her owner who could go to her in a long worry-free journey.

The first impression of this boat is its enormous size. The overall dimensions of the vessel are only 60 feet, but has high freeboard. Spacious cockpit with dining table for 12 people. And, of course, you will notice the two steering wheels and a huge swim platform.

Tent with unusually large and easy to view front transparent part sets the tone for the entire atmosphere of the ship.

Out of the very narrow Bay was easy thanks to the excellent work of the diesel engine Volkswagen with a power of 140 HP and bow thruster device that is running on a network with a voltage of 24V. The control panel is easy to use, if the helmsman is at the helm on the starboard side, where you can find the basic electric winch Harken. On this vessel you can install electric roller in mast mainsail. This sail may be only 15% less than usual, but his cleaning or installation takes only a few seconds.

Included additional equipment at the request of the owner can be 110 sqm Code Zero and the second jib on a separate forestay. The latter will certainly come in handy when you will rush at full speed on the open sea, but the sail in this case will become more burdensome task. In this case, however, wins Code Zero. Made from a special fabric, this sail is stronger than you think, and, therefore, can rise above. It performs a number of functions and it looks great. With winds of 8 knots the combination of mainsail and Code 0 allowed yacht Oceanis 58 to go through the waves at 6.5 knots and under relatively good angle.

Its appearance is impressive, because the weight of this vessel is equal to almost 25 tons. Having a solid construction, the hull is made of polyester resin with the attached deck from balsa and fiberglass. A cast-iron keel, the edges fastened with stainless steel bolts and 6, 435-pound Bulba on the bottom. The course of the vessel seemed so graceful, and the stability provided by deep 2.6-meter draft could not pass unnoticed.

Shipbuilders have done a lot of work to the boat has shown excellent progress with five-degree roll, which clearly makes the ship such a view is even more comfortable.

Cockpit mounted Harken two-speed winches, and their location makes them easy. Good handrails on the cabin and those installed in the cockpit and open deck to ensure smooth movement on the yacht.

Gas struts support all portholes and hatches, and I really liked the ladder, flanked by handrails that fold out and have double railings that serve as protection from careless and daydreaming of the crew. There are two things here by way of hot and cold water in the shower and a huge locker for liferaft for 10 people.

In cockpit Raymarine GPS and Chartplotter is a rear part of a huge dining table. On the front of the table is a bright and glowing ball, made in the form of a cute lamp. In the rest of the ship is used for lighting with LED technology minimum energy consumption. However, thanks to the 9.5 kVA generator Cummins/Onan, the question of energy availability will never be a problem for you.

Going down the stairs down, you will find yourself in a world of mahogany and leather. Even the mast going down to the keel, has a nice wooden floor. Here are the luxury and high cabin ceiling is slightly higher than 2 meters from the floor level. It is in the space under the deck felt a considerable amount of the yacht. The impressive dimensions of the vessel and many Windows and hatches provide good lighting of the space.

Its proximity to the port side is the galley, equipped with microwave, dishwasher, oven, cooktop, countertops-fridge and freezer.

In front of the galley there are luxurious place to rest with a sliding bar for him, and even before the partition of the owner’s cabin located installation for the production of ice. You can choose the configuration of the bow, suggesting the presence of two cabins and the separation of the head space into two parts. You can also turn a very large cabin for storing sails in the forepeak into a full living room with a double bed and a shower.

Spacious interior equipped vanity area with stool, hidden behind a door. There is also plenty of room for hangers, shelves and modules for storage in the lockers located throughout the cabin.

In the main saloon dining table is facing starboard and slightly above, at the level of partition hanging drawer LED TV. I like it a lot, because this design is more secure than if the TV was attached to the wall. When he’s not looking and, accordingly, do not push, the interior looks very organic, in the same style.

Under the seats are storage boxes, but special attention is drawn to the supply system of hot and cold water, and always good to have easy access to important equipment. So, before the diesel engine can be reached, if you raise the stairs of the ladder. And again, gas struts will simplify this process and further access to the engine and the generating set is possible through a removable insulated panel mahogany in both aft cabins.

On the starboard side of the stairs of the ladder is a table with a navigation bar. This is a large open space with a soft leather seat with a backrest, which are soft cushions for relaxation. Fold the top and you will see great area for storing your maps, as well as laptop.

When Ian was in this part of the ship, I was able to talk to him. Mostly, we discussed the improvements on this ship that it differed from the previous extremely popular models of the Oceanis from Beneteau. All this is quite minor details of the type supported by struts doors drawers, as well as such elements of the internal structure of the vessel, as the vastness and openness of space.

For Ian there was a small locker with drainage, which is designed for wet things. It can serve as a second refrigerator, because on such a ship you will probably prefer to go on a long journey. A number of friends to accompany you, it will be impressive, so I think this locker will be indispensable.

Navigation devices, radio, and the main light source is easy to use and located right behind you, the height from waist to head. Any additional control buttons are located in the aft cabin on the port side, including the main control panel “boat-Bank”. It is a lot of discussion of whether to move some of the control buttons back to the Navigator’s table? In particular, arguing about the start button of the generator. You may not want to come here and Wake the other passengers, but if their sleep is strong, it is possible that they did not hear the noise of the generator, because it is well insulated.

Speaking of the aft cabins, it should be noted that located on the port side cabin is designed for two passengers, and the bathroom is also a shared toilet and it is equipped with an additional door leading to the ladder. Being quite spacious, the toilet and shower have high ceilings and go to them you can in full growth, which is always pleasing to passengers.

Sliding shower door double folding, facilitate entry and exit of passengers. Remember, however, that should not linger long in the restroom. Side on the starboard side symmetrical left and can also be converted into a cabin for two. Bathroom and toilet are arranged in a similar way, but a shower is still more convenient, because in this case you don’t have to think about the presence of the second door to enter. Both cabins are light and may be served by the air conditioner. On the deck level are located an opening window-the window overlooking the swim platform, so you wind comes freely.

Separate bow cabin is very spacious, it is not surprising that this space can be used as additional living space for crew. Down it the ladder, you will find that its height matches the total height of the ship – keel ceiling; it would be symmetrical Spinnaker and Code Zero, which, most likely, you also will definitely get in the kit. Although available in a symmetrical version, you may not really want to mess with a Spinnaker-boom and its accessories.

Being right on the nose of the ship, we should definitely see another place – the space between the bracket and the 40-pound anchor. Its purpose is to allow the anchor to automatically correct its trajectory when it is lifted to avoid hitting the hull. This work is done so confidently that it is safe to say that this feature is very important, because it is likely to raise the anchor you will be out of the cockpit with a simple push of a button.

One of the drawbacks is the lack of cleaning the anchor locker, although there appears to be some equipment for this could be placed right here. Recessed panel with a shower would be very convenient for this. In addition, the anchor locker door open towards the inside relative to the master cabin and on deck level no lids and hatches not. If the circuit was thrown into the water and you had, in effect, eliminate its weakening, it will be really difficult. However it should be noted that due to the fact that side near the box chains are very steep and sheer, this opportunity is unlikely to happen, but somehow in such cases quite often manifests itself as “Murphy’s law”…

So, to sum up. From bow to stern this vessel, which looks great and is sailing very well, considering his class and ability. A yacht will seem just fine during travel; it will entertain you like a real a master of ceremonies and will provide enough space and comfort for all of you who find yourself on it.

Of course, a yacht like this, most likely, belongs to the category of ships that not everyone can afford, but considering all that it features, quality and class it is excellent. Its cost will not exceed the sum of six zeros. You will definitely be captivated by the size, space and finish of this yacht.

Author: John Carno
Source: Australian Sailing Magazine, October 2011


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