Beneteau Oceanis 55 – expansion of the cruise series

However, the first still of “chips” all new Oceanis series. Over the past year is appreciated by many sailors, including my friends carterlake. And special praise from them has always been hinged (electric) transom. “After giving anchor a simple touch of a button and closed the feed turns into a large beach! This “shamanism” was a feeling of envy of neighbors in the Parking lot.” Because the solution is really clever: the platform does not “bites” of the useful length. A stationary seat at the stern does not fall overboard, as the cage insertion on the majority of “classmates”.

The second “family” feature – the arch that opened blocks of the ghica-sheet (“point”, without the overhead), fixed handrails and strapped tent canopy splash guard and bimini top. It is very useful evening, interior lights, cockpit (one of charteronecom not fastened with duct tape a flashlight to arcs of the awning?..).

As in “sisters”, the cabin on the new sailing yacht Oceanis 55 is long and flat, easy to pickup beds of the Solarium or toys of kids throughout. The hatches are made flush with the deck and the running rigging from the mast are hidden under plastic. And the deck in the nose is wide and spacious.

But at the 55th, in this sense, another step: right-left of the entrance to the wheelhouse is arranged in regular mattresses! I just saw warm evenings that they put extracted from the cabins cushions to communicate with the cockpit, blissfully relax tired during the day the spine. And at night there is arranged the fans to sleep under the stars, which, according to my observations, many (and I including).

Nose said nominal Putins for “code 0” and very comfortable captain’s cabin (except a shower there is hardly comfortable to use). On the bridge – unusual opaque hatches: appointment – only ventilation, the lighting is toned lines of skylights and coamings superstructure. In the cockpit there is a short transverse profiled deck chairs before dinner their pillows can be omitted. From kokinou tables folded “wings” of the table, and not only in parties but also in the nose-poop – even with an extended “meeting” all have enough space. Winches are arranged in front of the wheels, it removed all the wiring (felling it!) – captains single will appreciate. Both steering post equipped with a wide instrument panel with a pair(!) displays on each. Close grip low profile gas-reverse (with protection from “flying” ends) – joystick arm to the Parking Dock&Go (option, extremely simplifies berthing, etc.).

Experienced skippers always warn newcomers about potential of trauma gangway from the cockpit to the salon. But the new Oceanis this risk is greatly reduced: ladder with wide steps is inclined just at 45 degrees: it is possible to go, not even holding on to the handrails.

The inland location of the new yacht can have 3-5 cabins and 2-4 bathrooms. All layouts in the stern – the usual symmetric double room. When they can be a couple of bathrooms or WC + “Pullman” cabin. Nose – large owner’s cabin or (Charter version) with a pair of symmetric “private” facilities.

The cabin in all versions is almost the same: right group dining and chart table, and left the sofa and the galley. Last – a-configuration, with built-in electrolytical, microwave and dishwasher. Refrigerators two: with top and side access.

In the nose of the galley is the sofa, which was hidden in the cupboard (pushed the button). Combined with dining to starboard turns the saloon with tea/coffee or dining (it decomposes-is folded in half) table. And the aft section of sofa dining groups may be combined with seat of the Navigator in a continuous bench.

A Navigator is a full – fledged routing table with compartments for cards, raspedita and versatile display on the bulkhead. Invented for the “younger” models sliding convertible desks Navigator-tea destination for sailing yacht Oceanis 55 is not moved: a reputable ship – a solid atmosphere.

If you do not feed the “Pullman” cabin, in its place – spacious bathroom with separate shower. But if on the left side there is no bathroom (already combined), adjacent to the galley is the aft cabin appears to stand, which may be a washing machine.

Bow cabin (I’m studying the “master” version) is spacious with a double bed on symmetric podium and roomy wardrobes. Through the large side Windows great overview of the area. But its main “trick” – shower with glass walls, the same as on the “younger” sailing yacht Oceanis 48. The toilet is in a separate cabin on the port side.

The sailing yacht is equipped with 75-horsepower engine and sails lakirovanie 139 sq. m. Lines from Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design, it is a “racing” lengthening the body (5,99) and decent power (4,66) promise a good performance. It remains only to verify this…

Author: Bogdan Parfenyuk

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