Test drive Beneteau Sense 55

Sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55 is a great boat, not only because it is designed in a contemporary style, but also due to the presence of everything that can not be seen from the pier.

First, we are talking about its comfort, which became possible due to the wide transom and vast space for relaxing in the huge cockpit.

Secondly, mention should be made of and ease of management – thanks to the Beneteau company uses the latest equipment and expertly places it over the entire area of the cockpit, the yacht can easily manage virtually any layman or Amateur.

And finally, the space inside the spacious interior, super-food in the apartment, as well as 3 cabins, each featuring a double bed and a separate latrine. But this is only the beginning of our story about this amazing ship.

Main features:

  • System, Dock & Go joystick control
  • Standard mast SELDEN 9/10 anodized aluminum installed on the deck, 2 rows of reinforced graspic
  • Standing rigging – stainless steel cable
  • 2 overhead jib Scots
  • All running rigging brought to a cockpit (except boom topenant)
  • Self-draining cockpit
  • Banks teak cockpit
  • Table made of wood in the cockpit from the starboard side, can be transformed into a huge sofa
  • Composite arch above the cockpit
  • The wood trim Fruitwood Apli or Alpi Fruitwood / lacquered white – salon / galley (optional)


The company has developed a Beneteau Sense 55, trying to attract more yachting and not just sailors-professionals who would like to make long trips on such a large and elegant yacht. We believe that the Sense 55 has to attract the middle-aged who already have 20-30 years of experience of sailing but at the moment I’m thinking about purchasing a larger vessel. This boat also created to attract adherents motor sail boats, which would like to save on operating costs and maintenance, while not putting the victim your level of personal comfort.

Thanks to the easy control of the sails and the system Dock & Go joystick control yachtsmen can now be confident that you will be able when you need one hand to operate the sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55… or easily entertain a large company.

A yacht of the new generation

Design of sailing yachts has undergone a real revolution since the late 1980s, thanks in large measure contributed to the innovative development of the company Beneteau. The shape of the hull, interior and deck layout on the Beneteau yachts do not have anything in common with those courts that I met in my childhood. It’s not the same old yacht, with small cockpits that were our fathers…

Sailing yacht Sense 55 Beneteau’s designers have really minimized all of the possible difficulties that arise in the process of ship management, as well as minimized all the obstacles and prejudices that have previously kept customers from buying sailing yachts of large size. Having a wide hull, this yacht is now the same spacious, as a motor boat. Making the deck and the wheelhouse of the yacht the many hatches and portholes, the manufacturers have ensured that the inside of the boat was light and air. And, most importantly, the owners of this yacht model will not experience any difficulties with the sail for most sailors of the old school is the main obstacle and difficulty in the management of a sailing vessel of large size.

Stainless steel handrail in the middle is for guests, so that they could rely on them if the ship tilted, and hold onto the handrails when moving around the deck, if the boat is in motion.

Innovative cockpit

Preference – comfort

Focus on any boat is paid in the first place, the cockpit. It is not only the place where you manage the vessel, but also a place where family and guests spend a lot of time during your voyage. The cockpit should be a comfortable place for long-term of finding it and the cockpit of the Sense 55 to cope with this task without problems.

Deck and the banks are covered with teak. Further teak cockpit goes into the swim platform, which is another highlight of this yacht. Transom Board will take the lift from housing, this means that you will not need to climb over obstacles in order to be on the swim platform, which is connected with the cockpit.

On our test boat had an optional electric cockpit table, spread for dinner, and omitted to turn it into a huge sofa. A standard table is also suitable for this, only to break it have to manually.

Large handwheels

The Sense 55 yacht is standard equipped with two helm and two with a large binnacle compass at each. Two steering wheels provide greater comfort and better visibility regardless of likes the captain to operate the vessel with the right or left side. The partner can sit on the opposite seat to face forward (with comfortable cushions for the back) to help the helmsman steer the boat and participate in the management process.

Convenience at the helm

Due to the fact that the seats at both Helms as wide as two adults (or one adult and two children) can safely fit on each of them. This is the perfect place to teach someone the skill of sailing. It is also one of the ways to allow guests to enjoy running, while the captain will monitor the situation, while the second wheel.

During stops, the cockpit can be transformed into a huge open deck for sunbathing or a noisy cocktail party. All this is made possible by the conversion of folding transom and raising the seat at the helm. Swim ladder with 5 steps and cockpit shower turn the stern of the yacht, the Sense 55 in the present mobile teak beach.

Arch and awning

Each sailing yacht, designed for long journeys, must have awning and the model Sense 55 has such an optional awning, which was carefully designed for this yacht. It supports a standard a powerful arch, which also performs several other functions. Blocks boom-mainsheet attached to the top of the arch, and installed lights for the cockpit and two stereo-speaker.

Positioning blocks boom-mainsheet on the arch, not on the roof of the wheelhouse or in the cockpit, we automatically solve several potential problems. When working with the mainsail blocks and sheets do not interfere with cockpit, and it reduces the likelihood of injuries. Geek-the sheet reaches the base of the mast, and then goes back through special channels under the deck to stoppers and winches on the starboard side.

Important lockers in cockpit

Due to the fact that the widest part of the yacht, the Sense 55 is closer to the transom, the engineers of this vessel has created not only a spacious cockpit, but also two huge niches under the seats, coamings and protopine. Traditional cruise and high-speed vessels of this size this space is used for the tiny aft cabins. Yacht Sense 55 this space is used to store a large number of important things. To access the locker you can, lifting up her seat in the cockpit.


Starboard cockpit sailing located pantry. Due to the fact that most of today’s yacht owners don’t need anything more than a small spare staysail, most of the space in this locker free for other purposes. One of the functions is to give access to the engine located at the center of the yacht just under the deck of the cockpit. The second purpose of a huge locker to store cushions for the cockpit. A third possible function is to store a deflated inflatable boat and motor. Locker is so extensive that it is easy to accommodate even a few bicycles. In all respects, this is a real pantry of the ship.

Cabins for the crew

On the port side is the spacious locker that can be turned into single quarters. Openable porthole located under the edge of the seat of the cockpit, to ensure the penetration of natural light and air into the room. In addition, there is another one opening porthole. If this space is not used by the crew, it is also possible to store various gear, supplies and spare equipment.


Light and space

Going down was a completely new experience for an old sailor like me. In conventional sailing yachts it looks like a long descent into a dark cave. Sense 55 is just three simple steps to a spacious salon. What a lovely breath of fresh air!

Handrails at the entrance to the salon with leather covering. As soon as I entered the salon, I felt that I was surrounded by glass. Five of the Windows in the coach roof, large portholes along the sides on the right and left side and even the large portholes in coaming! Great review allows the crew to see what’s going on on the deck and, on the contrary, in the cabin.

More light

Innovative glass panels in the upper part of the roof of the deckhouse on the starboard side and starboard allow natural light to enter the salon and galley. As well as large portholes in coaming logging pass more light and allow you to see from the cockpit what’s going on inside.

Upholstery and decoration

Interior finish Alpi Fruitwood gives even more light and visual space, and also contribute to this white patent leather panels and light padding bulkheads and ceiling. The duckboards light wood oak. Inside absolutely no dark wood and fabrics, absorb light, but rather all surfaces are bright and reflect light.

On any boat, regardless of its size, is never enough space for storage, but Beneteau has done well, so all the space is maximally used with advantage. In cabins lots of storage and narrow space has sliding doors, so you can easily have access to them.

Opening insert large portholes in the sides with three sides letting in a fresh breeze, in a time when the deck lights closed curtains.


U-shaped sofa on the port side accommodates five people. On the bar in the center compartment has a hinged seat that allows to put one more person at the table. As standard the table is adjustable in height. Lowering the table to the lowest position, the sofa in the lounge transformirovalsya a large double bed. In our version of the boat up and down the table in the saloon was carried out with one touch, a beauty!


The chef of the ship will appreciate the working surface of the galley in 2.4 m!!!!! in length along the right side, plus 0.9 m around the coaming. Add a 1.06 m of working space on the bar and cover plate – you will receive a total of 4.26 m. the working space in the galley!


Standard galley equipped with two burner gas stove with oven. In the presence of the generator can additionally be equipped with an electric stove with an oven. Next we see the two rectangular sinks are the characteristic features of Beneteau. One of them has an additional compartment for waste. The working surface is made of special durable material and has an attractive gray color. Nice backlight LED behind the lockers. Provides space for additional installation of the dishwasher and the microwave.

Designed by yachtsmen

The linear layout of the galley is not accidental. Such organization of the working space has a number of advantages over conventional U-shaped galley. Two or even three people can cook or do the cleaning in the galley. This is an important feature of this boat. Breakfast bar, island, located opposite the stove and oven on the right tack, the chef will have a reliable support. This feature is not possible with the U-shaped galley, which can be operated without interference by only one person.

Life on Board

Bow cabin – owners cabin

For fun we measured the distance of the passageway from the salon to the master cabin – 2.03 m (together with a bathroom.) Here we found a large double bed located in the bow. The nose of the sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55, namely the stem, almost vertical, so we did not find an empty, unused space in the fore cabin. Here the height – 1.94 m.

Large portholes are missing almost the same amount of sunlight, how much and deck hatches. Under the bed there are two large drawers for linens and in addition to the wardrobes there is a separate wardrobe for shoes. The widest part of the bed is 1.7 meters, the narrowest (at the foot) is 1.17 meters with a length of 2.03 m.!

Desk / dressing table

On the port side is a dressing table with leather cover (optional). Standard is the seat, which would be very appropriate in donning socks and footwear. There is enough space for the two occupant cabins were ready at the same time that are particularly popular with couples. Portside bathroom 1.97 m. with shower. Starboard sink and toilet.

Guest cabins

Immediately after the salon and galley are two guest cabins starboard and portside, with private bathrooms. The cabin is almost identical. Sliding doors that allows you to save a lot of space. In both of the cabins include private bathrooms with large portholes and deck hatches, the height of 1.97 m. the bathrooms have a sink and shower.

In the guest cabins double beds are 2.0 m in length, 1.56 m in width at the head and 1.0 m at the foot. Each cabin has drawer, Cabinet and plenty of stowage space.

Guest cabins are a bit narrow, but it is only what each of them with double beds. However, the cabins are very cozy and closing the door, you find yourself on their private land. This layout is like most of the guests. Especially during stops at anchor. And most surprisingly, Beneteau managed to fit three full bathrooms on the yacht length is 55 feet.

On the go

Dock & Go

When it comes to practice walking on the sea on the Sense 55 can again be repeated – it’s not exactly the boat your grandfather. On the boat we tested was equipped with Yanmar engine system with Dock & Go joystick control and software. System Yanmar Dock & Go propulsion system, which is connected with the engine and bow thruster through a “black box” and is easily controlled with the joystick. This invention is not very happy with Marin because it deprives them of the pleasure of watching the fun through the efforts of inexperienced boaters to get into the narrow Parking lot in the Marina, when the boat returns to boat trips. Dock & Go the skipper can approach the dock sideways, or expand a boat the whole length in one place and easily accessed in a very narrow place in the Marina. I think this is the best invention in the sailing world since the emergence of the furling Genoa.

The result is a boat that can be moored anywhere.

At full speed!

The following tests Sense 55 we started sailing. Our boat with a standard grotto with a through-armor system, lazy jacks and 105% Genoa with a twist. Sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55 was designed to carry such sails and raising the Genoa, you are unlikely to get more speed, except at very low winds. (In such cases the majority of skippers do not hesitate to use the engine, especially when you have to go against the wind.)

The asymmetrical Spinnaker is an option and the boat has the equipment to carry. There is also a mount for the tack angle. I suspect that most owners Sense 55 are unlikely to carry the Spinnaker, except for participation in sailing competitions.

We recorded a maximum speed of 10 knots, achieving it only with only one engine. But this is only for test. In the future, our speed under engine is not exceed 8 knots. I see no reason to spend significantly more fuel for the extra two nodes.

Deck equipment

Deck equipment includes two winches H60.2 for STC staysail-Scots located within reach behind the controls of a crew member and two winches (H46.2 STC starboard, H50.2 STC on the left side) for the halyards and other running rigging, mounted closer to the cockpit. All running rigging to the cockpit opened to the stops (except topenant).

This is all that is required for the crew to manage the sails. And in addition, the sails can handle and the skipper alone! Help this great winches with stoppers and that the whole of the running rigging to the cockpit opened. All this comes standard with Sense 55. But you can set up additional equipment on our boat – all four electric winch with two speeds. With such winches staging and setting of the grotto, as well as work with Genoa reduced to the push of a button. Everyone can handle it!


Beneteau offers to install one of the two keel: deep keel, 2.35 m weight 4 900 kg., and a shorter keel 1.80 m. weight of 5 500 kg. We tested the boat in the shallow Chesapeake Bay and a short version of the Kiel proved to be very helpful.

This day was no excitement and there was a gentle breeze. Fortunately, closer to the middle of the day the wind increased to 10-13 knots. The boat easily went with a speed of 6-7 knots. But there was a time when we had a little lead, and the wind increased – fixed speed was 9 knots.


As seen in the photo below, the roll is quite small, while the whole area of the sails filled with wind.
If I could get her to go even faster? Of course. But this should spend more time getting to know the boat. I was on it the first time. In the end, I was quite happy with the speed of the Sense 55 in our test day.


We all meet people, our guests on the boat who don’t like a strong roll, and those that are happy when lifelines in the water. Sense 55 was designed so that the roll of 10-12 degrees is optimal for its speed under sail. This bias will not be uncomfortable for those on Board. Except that the extreme lovers will be unhappy. On the other hand, two rudder will always help in the event of excessive roll angles.


I found the boat fun to go under the motor, which is often used by skippers in the light breeze. A fresh headwind nice to know that you have another 75-horsepower diesel engine and three-bladed propeller, which will help to fight against the wind and waves. When operating in the full power of the engine, I recorded a maximum speed of 10 knots, which is even higher in theory. But as mentioned above a speed of 8 knots is the optimal and there’s no need to strain the engine. Sense 55 is equipped with a fuel tank 415 l, and it is possible to install an additional, of the same size.

Go to the nose

To go from the cockpit to the deck to help grab bars mounted on the arch. Deck spacious and smooth. Stainless steel handrails on the coach roof recessed and do not hinder movement on deck. Of course, they are made only in order to help.

All the files topenant rigging Spinnaker-boom, boom brace and reefs aimed and hide below deck in special ducts and out to the stoppers and winches in the cockpit. All deck hatches are recessed and do not protrude above the deck. In other words, there is almost nothing about that could be tripped over or damaging the legs.

Along the entire side teak bulwarks and double rails from aft and the forward railing. On the deck are the only units that adjust the jib sheet and shoulder straps in front of the mast to adjust the sail.


Anchor roller with two rollers. On our boat had only one anchor with chain and standard electric windlass 1 500 W. the Lid of the anchor locker with a gas counter. Then the gangway in stainless steel, wardrobe and quite a lot of space to work with sails. Here you can store fenders, rigging and Spinnaker. And from this cabin there is access to the anchor locker with chain.

For the second anchor, we would recommend keeping the chain locker in the main, except for the first 15 meters to the chain two anchors has not been messed up.


Mast height 23.91 m. and it is not a coincidence. The calculation of the factors that helps this boat is good to run cool to the wind, aimed at efficient performance of 105 % Genoa and mainsail with a through armor. The mast is installed on the deck, which eliminates the ingress of water into the cabin and saves space inside. On each side of the mast hold two guys with traditional lanyards and aftersteg. The upper and lower shrouds mounted on one wantplease. Additionally, you can set the forestay with venturesome to fine tune headsail.


Boom length 6.35 m., equipped with a lazy jack system and lazy bag, to do almost all the work on cleaning and folding of the grotto. Additional block on the mast facilitates the manual work with sail, but still it does not mean that I would like to handle such a large sail. I like the twist of the mainsail to the mast. Aluminum sling boom, almost everything on this yacht is controlled from the cockpit.


Displacement of the sailing yacht Sense 55 – 18 560 kg. the Stability of this boat is achieved not only through its own mass and the depth of the keel, but also largely due to the excellent hull form a significant width of the body and a canoe-shaped contours. This is why Beneteau can offer this 55-foot yacht with a small attractive draught of 1.80 m. with a short keel with a weight of 5 500 kg. It makes available travel on it anywhere around the world, even in the Baltic sea, Chesapeake Bay or the Bahamas. There is also a version of the yacht with a deep keel (draught 2.35 m) weight 4 900 kg.

Two rudder

Due to the fact that this boat has quite an impressive width and almost all the crew actions performed in the cockpit, sailing yachts, the Sense 55 has two rudder, cut from stem to stern, instead of a single deep rudder. One rudder remains immersed in water even in the most extreme roll angles. For many years sailing Ocean Racing proved the feasibility of this approach. An additional advantage is better handling at low speeds under the engine.

Hiding the hatch to enter the cabin

Control of the running rigging one-button


Sailors have long benefited from advances in the design of the sails of cruising yachts for many years. Gone are the days of giant genui covering the entire mast and having an overlap of 150%. Now the sails are smaller and lighter, but the Sense 55 leverages existing design trends and equip sailing yachts to control it was even more simple. Our Sense 55 was 105% Genoa 78.00 sq. m. with a twist.

The grotto

The mainsail on our test boat had a slightly curved back part, which makes it more effective due to the straight-Latham. When cleaning the mainsail lazy jacks easily caught him and we quickly put it in the case, leaving a few feet from the mast. To remove the mainsail and zip case can one person. Grotto 74.00 sq. m.


On the deck or in the cabin, far out at sea or at anchor – Beneteau Sense 55 is always something for everyone. Beneteau has the experience and knowledge – along with the brilliant business qualities and careful attention to the customer – that adds even more value to this boat. Old sailors may not understand modern and functional Sense 55, but I would like to still understand, even if not immediately.

As additional equipment I would recommend to install an electric winch system, Dock & Go autopilot and Chartplotter. Only four of these options could significantly facilitate the work on Board and allow even the novice yachtsman to manage the 55-foot yacht.

Time to enjoy life is now, it’s right now, and the Sense 55 is the best you can find.

Source: www.boattest.com

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