Yacht-transformer IKKAR

Our love for unusual yacht concepts are limitless. As to the designers who create them. These people know how to dream as anyone else. And even if they create the project do not knowingly sell, they still believe in magic “someday.”

Another discovery for us was a forgotten concept IKKAR created in 2009 by French designer Julien Anglada (Julien Anglade) is a luxurious and very futuristic ocean-going yacht with a length of 150 metres, can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers and 60 crew members.

The ship is a transformer. Being in port or at anchor, both sides for the entire length of the case are revealed, forming a huge open area. Before you set speeds, they are closed again, and then each guest cabin – 25 on each side – you receive your own private terrace.

As you can imagine from the name, the IKKAR is named in honor of the hero of ancient Greek myth; her special relationship with the sun, expressed in a single sail, which is woven from the many elements that collect solar light. It powered all of the equipment and yacht lighting, it also can move by wind and electric motors.

On Board there is a necessary for life, work, leisure and entertainment facilities. Restaurants, Spa, cinema, gyms, massage parlors. In the bow is a huge infinity pool.

Futuristic project of Julien Anglada was supported by the architects Frank Gehry (Frank Gehry) and Norman foster (Norman Foster.). Design drop-down sides, decks and superstructure of the yacht was developed with their participation. Maybe someday we will hear about the fact that the project IKKAR joined a large investor (for example, from the UAE, as happened with floating houses, Floating Seahorse) and ambitious shipyard (for example, Blohm+Voss, which still intends to build organic yacht from Zaha Hadid).

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