The mega yacht Design from the Winch to the hangar for convertiplane

Designers create fashion not only in clothing but also in yachts. With this statement the more difficult to argue, if we are not talking about a young ambitious developer, and about the famous and multi-award winning all sorts of yacht awards, European design Studio.

We’re talking about Andrew Winch Design, who for many years creating luxurious houses, private jets and yachts, acting permanent partner of the world leading shipbuilders. Their latest release is amazing. But not the size and shape of the body, and the fact that this 100-metre power trimaran has a landing pad and hangar for… plane.

Really, unless you can recall another yacht project, which would allow to carry on Board the helicopter, and a large 13-metre-long civil tiltrotor model Agusta Westland 609, accommodating up to 11 people and has a total weight of not less than 4.7 tonnes. It does not cost and no garage for watercraft: RIBA, personal watercraft, water “toys”. But being fully “equipped” air and water technology, this 100-metre mega-yacht can travel at a speed of 28 knots.

Take your time to consider the draft Winch Design is too futuristic and hopeless: their partnership in the framework of the concept confirmed internationally known and respected Dutch yacht Builder Oceanco. It turns out that in industry mega-yachts already there is a tendency to place on Board not one, but two helipads. They easily will replace only one a unique character – almost the same that is used today in the troops of the United States.

Agusta Westland 609 roomy, has a large payload and fly much faster and farther than any helicopter. Its cruising speed is 482 km/h, the maximum is 509 km/h, flight range is 1390 km, the Aircraft is able to fly in icing conditions and bad weather conditions. Besides, on Board the aircraft has a pressurized cabin – much much safer.

And in Winch Design and Oceanco are sure that this unique project, which will quickly find the customer. Another thing is the construction, which is expected to take three to four years.

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