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Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

The firstborn of a new model line, the French boat giant. As Sense, concept Yacht Oceanis 62 was born as the result of a survey of owners and buyers. Beneteau have asked for the ease and comfort of the Oceanis, but in a larger size, plus the corresponding luxbet and customization. The realization of these desires I study at the end of October in the port Ginesta (near Barcelona).

Next to the slender Sense 57 the debutant looks as if the whole “caliber” more and more solid. The status of luxury yachts requires capacity. The case doesn’t look bulky — this is taken care of by the Italian stylist Pierangelo, he is not here. The Maestro chose a noble gray color side is visually “lowering” of its bandwidth (with side Windows) and adding a low-profile deckhouse with developed coamings of the cockpit. Instead of the traditional arch on a Beneteau is the option of a hard bimini awning with a large “window” and solar panels.

In an almost vertical bow, long bowsprit, effectively bringing forth relative to the forestay twisted “code 0” (the sails don’t interfere with each other). Spin Genoa — electric, operated by a simple push of a button. If it is important to be managed by a minimal team, instead of a Genoa staysail provides automatic. For sails — deep pantry in the nose, this room can be equipped as a crew cabin with a couple beds and a toilet.

On the cabin before the mast — a comfortable double bed with headrest for sunbathing. However, deck is quite spacious (and pragmatic-flat) to give a solid Solarium from the nose to the cockpit — would be enough pillows. That to staff “carrier relaxation”, I want to emphasise a couple of mattresses on either side of the entrance to the cabin: they are partially covered by a visor bimini and can be thoroughly protected pristezhnye sidewalls of mentovki — lovers to sleep under the open sky here transcend even the rain, and on the go to relax.

Cockpit — a “saloon” configuration variable. On it-the sofas comfortably seated 12 people, and in the center will remain a free pass. Large dining tables can be lowered (by pressing) on the level of sofas and “pave” by the pillows — get a couple of tanning salons (night beds) size 240х90 see A on the go meal-trays are stowed, exposing the handrails for safety on the buffeting. Interesting option — triangular pads under the mattresses for comfortable sitting on the banks.

In the aft cockpit (behind steering console) — solid (side to side) seat with backrest and wide enough to serve even one single Solarium. In the Parking lot and recline the Central section and push the button: from the niche rises (surprise!) wet bar with grill, sink and even an integrated lamp. Under the hatch at the left of the steering console refrigerator (40 l). In short, in the cockpit and you can still cook, not looking up from the team, occasionally dipping and not zadymova below deck, midship.

Click the next button from the transom leans back a hefty platform. This is a private beach (5 m!), and yet — the boat ramp for launching on-Board the boat. Platform opens it (boat) garage (naduvnushki to 3.49 m, or RIB-and with a water-jet drive Williams Jet 285) with the standard winch and electric pump (for the boat and fenders). In the center of the deck leans fragment, exposing the guide rollers, the platform is lowered under water and heavy Williams easily rolled/rolled by one person.

Managers Beneteau confirm that a powerful on-Board the Dinghy, can tow skier, and operated without effort is a very significant “plus” for clients who prefer to rest actively and diverse.

Access to the platform by stairs from both sides. To the Dinghy garage can be dostupatsya and from the cockpit, opening a large hatch. For fenders and skipper of the property — a pair of large lockers under the seats of sofas.

Down into the cabin, volume and saturation like a living room-Studio country house. His dining group (10 people) is also universal: large dining table can be turned into a low coffee (it is raised/lowered electrically). The galley is situated on the right section of the cabin, its saturation, in addition to ovens/stoves, sinks and refrigerators (300 liters!) includes dishwasher, ice maker, large cooler wine bottles and electrolytic. Korionova worktop — 4 m long! In the “non-working” condition it solid, before cooking a big cover over the plate in one motion lowered into the niche. Under the duckboards equipped with a wine cellar and drawers for fruits and vegetables. Separate section — washing machine / dryer and a linen closet. On the contrary — 3-section bookcase.

Chart table — elegant-semi-circular, with a rotating chair. For tools and handy — just three offices. The only note: section for cards not too large, there fit only the leaves, folded to A3.

In my opinion, the most outstanding in the layout of the yacht privacy, the owner’s cabin (nose). The entrance to it — with the “maze”, and even at wide open (for ventilation) doors bed from the salon is not visible. The hostess can dress in a nightgown, without fear of casual looks.

Cabin high, spacious and very bright (two large deck hatch, plus Windows in the sides, plus a window in the cockpit…). Opposite queen (205х170 cm, up to a ceiling 115 cm) bed — telepanel and comfortable sofa. It’s on the test boat, but instead can be a capacious chest of drawers or Desk with stool. Large wardrobes and shelves allow you to “decompose” at home. Spacious bathroom with designer fixtures — insulated walk-in shower.

In the stern — a pair of symmetrical cabins, applying for VIP status: large (205х140 cm, up to a ceiling 100 cm) bed, capacious wardrobes and shelves, sofas, private bathrooms with showers. An interesting option — window in the transom that adds natural light and ventilation (though access to it is not so simple…).

In lieu of starboard bathroom can be equipped with bunk sleeping quarters.

Technical equipment: generator, 17.5 KVA, the above-mentioned washing machine (5 kg), air conditioning 48000 BTU, instruments B&G with a 12-inch displays. In the engine room (with good access) — Yanmar, 160 HP in the nose — thruster.

Despite the openly cruise destination, the yacht is adequately dressed: her power (4.71) — half-way from fast cruisers to “perfomance”. Designer Olivier Ramapo (Chapter Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design) commented:
Our goal was ambitious — to make this comfortable vessel is not only vysokoaktiven and maneuverable, but also the speed the average wind range. Hence, a wide body with developed cheek-bones, two rudder, the lowest possible centre of gravity and advanced weapons.

Alas, the gentle breeze on the roads Dinesty not allowed to reveal the potential of the yacht. The maximum that managed to “squeeze” — 5 knots in 6 knots of galfvind with the assigned code “0”. The boat is obedient, responsive, though a little heavier on the go than Sense 57 (I tested one after the other). At the helm — an excellent all-round visibility, on the big screen — all I needed parameters, embedded in the coamings of small repeaters convenient when taxiing “race” (sitting on Board). Winches (electrically driven) mounted near the steering stations, the skipper will cope with all the operations alone, without disturbing sitting in the cockpit. Chassis — large mesh bags. Optional redundancy of motor control makes it comfortable to moor any boat.


62 Oceanis Yacht — yacht for six people (maximum), but unattainable on a normal Oceanis levels of comfort, volume and distance. The ship best-selling, easy to manage just a few yachtsmen, and all energy-intensive operations are performed by electric actuators. The layout is very practical, folding furniture allows you to change the situation as needed. Saturation of appliances — like a suburban Villa. The level of workmanship and selected materials allow to carry the boat to “status.” Such a vessel are justly proud.

Author: Bogdan Parfenyuk

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