A brief overview of the new model of sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41.1

New sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 is available in two versions: with a deep and shortened keel. The layout of the interior is offered in versions with two or three cabins and one or two latrines. All this provides the flexibility of using the boat – it is suitable for both day sailing or racing and perfect for travelling medium and long distances.

This 41 foot sailing yacht (12 m) has a free space on Board, which usually can be found in more traditional yacht much larger in size. The space of the cockpit emphasizes the two strvarname racks. In this cockpit the captain, crew and guests, at least in the amount of 6 people, if not more, unable to move freely and work the sails without stepping each other on the arms and legs. Sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 designed for a wide range of applications at very competitive cost.

Key features

• Choice of interior two or three cabins, one or two latrine
• Hull lines with a hard cheekbone, which stretches almost the entire length of the hull to provide more space on deck and in cabins, and to improve seaworthiness
• Standing rigging shifted closer to in addition to improve the balancing of sailing arms
• Posting geek-German mainsheet system makes the mainsail and allows you to keep the cockpit clean from rigging
• Six large side Windows
• Spacious cockpit with two steering wheels, flip banks on the ground, steering and lights as standard
• Aft platform across the entire width of the housing to the actuator, a folding step built into transom
• Large bow cabin owner with numerous cabinets and drawers for storage
• The galley is L-shaped on port side, large refrigerator with vertical and front-loading, deep stainless steel sink

Like most sailing yachts Beneteau that the shipyard now produces, the new Oceanis 41.1 equipped with two steering wheels to improve comfort, ease of handling and maximum enjoyment of the journey under sail. With a length of just over 12 meters and a displacement of 9072 kg. the boat is offered in four configurations to best meet the needs of its owner. Regardless of the intended use of the yacht, whether sailing competitions, a day out to the sea, cruise or Charter, the Oceanis 41.1 has many useful features and benefits.

The Mission Of The Beneteau Oceanis 41.1

As already mentioned, Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 adapted to multitasking. The yacht can be easily used for small cruises and sailing events. The most common interior layout offers two cabins and one head. Such planning boat especially comfortable for living of crew. And it is possible quickly to prepare for a sailing competition. And at the same time, this layout provides ample opportunities to the crew for making long crossings. Large cockpit, hydraulic swim platform, convenient deck layout make her ideal for exciting activities and entertainment.


The version with two cabins and a large sail locker on the port side can also be equipped with second head in the forward master cabin. The presence of the second latrine no harm to the internal space of the yacht interior. In the locker on the left side you can store not only sails, but also the food which will provide the opportunity of a long stay in the open sea.

In the three-cabin version of the locker for the sails is replaced by a cabin with a berth and there is also a possible choice with one or two latrines. Charter version is the most logical of course is the presence of two latrines. This configuration is well known to owners of Beneteau yachts. Thus Oceanis 41.1 in one housing can meet completely different requirements – it may be a racing yacht, and cruise, as well as Charter or yacht of the day.

The main features of the Oceanis 41.1

A large cockpit. Many of the sailors, regardless of the size of sailing yacht too familiar with the expression: “don’t try to stand in my way or I’ll step on you!” This does not apply to a Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 the maximum width of the hull starts at the midsection and is no change to the stern. The cockpit feel is not as “cockpit”, and as on the deck.

Safety first.

In the cockpit there are no sharp, unexpected corners or dangerous obstacles to movement. The space in the cockpit is open, consistent and clear. Two steering wheels mounted on aft, equipped banks for steering. The helm on the port side is the main. Such organization of the cockpit provides a clear separation between the control area of the yacht space for passengers and guests.

Running rigging wound up in the cockpit to the steering position and there is no need to move away from the wheel in order to tighten staysail or take a reef. This feature makes the operation extremely easy with a small crew on Board. Aft on the banks comfortably fit up to four people and you can enjoy the sea or a warm sunset at anchor.

Lunch for six.

For cockpit table with foldable wings will fit six people and Breakfast, lunch or dinner will not push the elbows, not enough room. At the end of the table can be equipped with a large GPS display on rotary panels and perfectly clear with seats steering with right and left side. The cockpit table is also equipped with a socket for connection of the lamp.

The case design is from Finot-Conq

The hull is clearly visible cheekbones on the right and left side. This is the main distinctive feature of the Oceanis 41.1, designed by Finot-Conq, the cheekbones are almost along the entire length of the housing. This design allowed us to make the body wider and as a result more stable and comfortable and provides the stability, speed and improved seakeeping characteristics. Not to mention the increase in the volume of the interior of a yacht: an increase in beds, more space for storage on Board. And of course, just a huge cockpit.


Oceanis 41.1 comes with two versions of the keel – deep (2.18 m) and short (1.70 m). We believe that it is important to note the desire of the lagoon even in the version with a short keel to find the minimum compromise between the draught of the yacht and its seaworthiness.

Our Oceanis 41.1 for this test was just with a short keel (1.70 m)

Functional features

Interior. As noted earlier, Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 comes in four versions of the interior layout and each of them functional and comfortable. Telescopic table in the saloon drops down, turning the sofa in the lounge into an extra bed for guests.

L-shaped galley is on the port side, provides everything needed for a yacht this size including a fridge 128 l front loading freezer 83 liters top-loading, two burner gas stove with oven, double stainless steel sink, microwave, cupboards along the hull and work surfaces for cooking.

The organization of the galley meets all the requirements and any needs of the crew, regardless of the range of travel.

The interior decoration. Accessories Oceanis 41.1 available in two variants – mahogany Alpi mahogany as shown in the image above and light oak (pictured below). Vinyl upholstery can be in three colors – white, dark grey and anthracite. In addition to the on-Board illuminators light sources are also and deck hatches.

Table and sofa on the starboard side is suitable for lunch or work at a laptop. Another feature is a moveable table on the port side, which can also be used for working at the computer or with cards. Air conditioning can be installed as an option, it is recommended for boat owners who plan to travel mostly in warm latitudes.

Bow cabin with double bed, shelves along the sides, and a wardrobe on the port side (on the right in the version with one head). Through deck hatch provide natural light and fresh air.

Each cabin has a double bed, wardrobe, lighting podolece and reading lights. From the aft cabin to starboard has direct access to a latrine.

The ladder to the room. Exit from the cabin to the cockpit and the descent back ergonomically designed ladder with flat wide steps. Under the ladder is hiding the diesel engine Yanmar 45 HP Small tilt ladder and handrails make the passage very comfortable at sea and at anchor or in the Marina.

Running rigging

With auto-wiring and staysail boom-German mainsheet system Oceanis 41.1 easy to control in any wind. The design of the case allows you to limit the roll of the yacht approximately 15 degrees with moderate wind and manage a pleasure. The twist of the headsail and sheets wound up in the cockpit.

The Sprayhood is securely attached to the arch and the cockpit is protected from wind and sea spray even in rough seas. Running rigging wound up in the cockpit for locking the blocks on the coach roof as shown in the image above.

Mast Oceanis 41.1 set slightly closer to the stern. A sailing plan is optimised and balanced in combination with the hull design. All changes are aimed solely at increasing the speed and stability of the yacht.

Our observations

The company in his new Beneteau sailing yacht Oceanis 41.1 offers incredible flexibility, high seaworthiness and comfort. The innovative design of the hull, which allowed to increase the space on the deck and inside the boat without any loss of the already impressive technical specifications. Oceanis 41.1 is able to easily overcome many thousands of miles and is perfect for those who seek real comfort, low operating costs, which are inevitable when owning a sailing yacht, possessing, besides, numerous advantages and features inherent in yachts much larger in size.

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