“The Russians are coming!” or yacht as a threat to Estonian independence

The twelfth of March this year, the Department of foreign intelligence of Estonia has released its regular review of the threats to international security, which of the 67 pages of the report devoted to Russia from 61. What is it, and why we devote the time and place this issue?

A whole Chapter of the report, for example, dedicated to “the practice of using the civil courts in the interests of safety”, which in the example visited in the summer of 2018 Tallinn sailing ship “the World” describes how Russian civil court (including private sailing yacht) is supposedly trying (or tried) to enter the area, where are the teachings of other States or “under various pretexts, to go to closed to shipping areas”, for example, where testing of military equipment, or a naval base.

Especially the authors of the report do not like that during their visits to the ports of Western countries, the crews of these vessels actively communicate with representatives of the local Russian communities. This, of course, is not a crime, but it is very, very suspicious. “And not impose a Tola corset…” And was amused by the passage about the presence in the crew of the Russian sailing yachts and sail training vessels “polite people”, leading preventive intelligence, that is to say, the future of TVD.

What can I say? Paranoia is not deadly, but very, very dangerous. It happens that the Ministers were jumping from the Windows of the hospital with the words: “the Russians are coming!” And the mind and intelligence which distinguished staff CAPO, very much like the quality of their Swedish colleagues from SEPA, well beaten in the film “police, Police, mashed potatoes”.

Particularly outraged by the fact that the sport is once again trying to use for political purposes. The sport is sailing, initially uniting the people of different Nations. And the question is the propriety of participation in the regatta of training ships STI – that is, in those events where a particularly prized and international friendship, and mutual contacts of crews from different countries.

Dirty political fuss around sailing and outrageous.

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