Around the world in 77 years!

In the evening on Saturday in Victoria (it’s on the far West of Canada, next to Vancouver) returned, completing a round-the-world Odyssey by 11.5-meter yacht Nereida, a resident of this city 77-year-old Jeanne Socrates.

Now Socrates – the oldest among all, who made the world alone, nonstop and without any assistance.

In some subjects, dedicated to the finish of Socrates, it is argued that it improved the record of the 71-year-old Japanese Minori Sato. Only that is a mistake. In fact, the British, long settled in Canada, has improved the achievement race winner Golden Globe Race Jean-Luc van den Heede from France, the day when he closed the circumnavigation, he was 73 years 129 days.

But Socrates and this record has not left any stone unturned. In the second half of August (either the 18th or 19 th, more accurate data, we unfortunately do not have) she was, as you already know, 77 years. While around the world she went for 338 days.

In Victoria the traveler was greeted by thousands of his countrymen.

I wonder where to now go Jeanne Socrates? That this was her last journey under sail, we, sorry, I can not believe.

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