Land yachts: luxury fleet Cayman Islands dominates the world

Shipping register the Cayman Islands (CISR) has estimated the number of registrations of vessels over the past 2018. By the end of the year the number of vessels under the flag of the Cayman Islands amounted to 2215, from them 1897 — private yachts and the rest of the commercial fleet. During the year the number of registered vessels is the territory increased by 8.5%.

CISR highlighted his participation as a Supervisory body in the construction of yachts longer than 30 meters. It turned out that 45% of super yachts in the world built under the supervision of the register of the Cayman Islands. During the year this indicator grew by 17% (about 140 projects).

the Cayman Islands was 80% of the global fleet of mega-yachts with a length of over 80 meters and about 50% of all yachts longer than 30 meters.

“Future projections are positive. We “booked” for 84 the name of the boat is a good indicator of future success in business. It is common practice for owners to reserve the yacht’s name in the register before it is completely decorated,” — noted in the CISR.

Commercial boats (including commercial and certified private yachts from 30 meters) make up 14% of the total number of vessels in the Cayman Islands. Under the flag of this territory goes to more than three hundred of these boards. Note that private yachts with Loa less than 30 meters, with a commercial license, a register of classed yachts.

If we compare the data with the report CISR for 2015-2016, you can see how much you grow this figure: once on the category “commercial vessel” accounted for only 2.67%.

The statistics probably influenced by the fact that from December 2017 in the Cayman Islands has become possible to obtain a certificate Yacht Engaged in Trade (aka — YET — “yacht engaged in trade”).

The license allows for boats over 24 meters to be used for Charter in European waters up to 84 days a year. While the certificate is recognized only France and Monaco.

Certificate REG Pt A (LY3) or CYC (Cayman Yacht Code), allowing the Charter to take on Board up to 12 guests by October 2018 in the Cayman Islands had the 471 the ship.

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