African passion: New year’s on Zanzibar will be celebrated with a regatta for canoes made of mango

“The Cup of the Kraken” (Kraken Cup, formerly known as Ngalawa Cup) for the sixth time will start in Zanzibar on 1 January. 22 teams of the 66 sailors on a traditional Ngalawa fishing boats, hand-hollowed from the trunk of the mango, the week will be 500 km along the coast of Tanzania.

“The last time the race was great, the participants finished very close. This year to participate really experienced sailors, so we expect an even more intense struggle,” says one of the organizers of the competition , Matthew Dickens (Matthew Dickens).

To win, participants need to have not only the experience of swimming. The race route consists of a series of mandatory checkpoints and a couple of “free” sites, where the sailors will not only have to overcome the difficulties of sailing on a traditional boat, but look for a place to camp on the uninhabited Islands, on Islands with curious local residents or in a traditional fishing village. Riders are encouraged to “bring a hammock and a healthy dose of courage.”

The best team will receive at the finish of 3900 pounds (1300 pounds per person).

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