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According to the website of the sailing school “Krestovsky island”, Vasily Andreyev and Leonid Pusev became Champions of Italy in the 29er class.

These competitions ended their training camp in Sicily.

Third place the crew of Dmitry Lazdin/Dmitry Araslanov (Tolyatti to Saint – Petersburg), who lost second place in the final Protocol to the Italian team only among the first parishes.

The organizers managed to conduct eight races over three days, says coach Yuri Artemiev. The wind was very different, often twisted. Was racing and with weak winds, and strong wave and no wave.

Well done guys, exactly the result we were expecting. Basil and Leonid confirmed the level of his skills. It is a pity that our second men’s crew is only slightly shy of second place.

As for the women’s team, 13th place crew Victoria Lisanova/Peresipkina Polina (Saint Petersburg – Moscow) and 17th Lukojanovo Oleksandra, and Polina Soloveichik, with 39 boats is also good.

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