Wind gain expected

December 20, 2019

      Wind gain expected
      On December 19th, in Millieha Bay in Malta, competitions began on the 20th anniversary of the Euromed international regatta. The experimental team of the Optimist class yacht association also entered the start of the competition. Here is the press service of the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg:

Wind gain expected

The team included students from the Academy of Sailing, as well as the best and novice athletes from other regions – Moscow, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Azov and Sevastopol.

More than a week-long stay of the Russian team in Malta is eventful. Before the start of the regatta, a gathering was conducted under the guidance of coaches Vadim Mechanikov, Anna Basalkina, Kristina Yezhova and Denis Razumovich. The coach of 8 Days a Week, David Lambrucci, was also invited to work with a separate group.

The distribution into groups of athletes of different ages and training was designed for an individual approach to each athlete. Theoretical and practical exercises on the water were conducted, which were accompanied by video shooting and work on the bugs.

The team came in good shape to the start of the competition. But the weather in the central Mediterranean complicated the task. The first day of Euromed was held in unstable in strength and direction winds from the south, which enveloped the waters with clouds of African deserts.

The silver medalist of the Russian championship, the athlete of the Academy of Sailing Kirill Shunenkov, managed better with the excitement of the first start, but then, with a change in conditions, he lost the initiative and ended the 67th day.

On the contrary, after the unsuccessful first race, the first victory and the second arrival were recorded in the asset by the vice-champion of the championship of St. Petersburg Nikita Chernykh. Thanks to these results, he finished day 15 in the overall standings – so far the best result of the Russian team among almost 200 participants from fifteen countries of the world.

Pleased with the result and student of the Academy of Sailing Pavel Gushchin. With one arrival in the top ten, Paul finished third among junior athletes. Among the girls, the 12th is the prize-winner of the championship of Russia Varvara Yuryev from Gelendzhik.

Good start and beginner athletes. In this group with two victories and a second parish comes the second Muscovite Alexander Fastenko. Among the girls in this group are the best Lisa Chekhlataya from Sevastopol.

“On Friday, wind is expected to increase, which can significantly affect the results, so it’s too early to draw conclusions,” comments Vadim Mechanikov at the start of the regatta. . For now, we are striving to qualify for the Golden Fleet. ”

Detailed Results –

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