A yacht participating regatta Sydney — Hobart was arrested before the start

Polish yachtsman, rent a 21-foot yacht Kosatka Monster Project for the team of the yacht club of Sopot from Poland and USA, so from December 26 to participate in the Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race, has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the boat company with the British virgin Islands EcoNautics Racing (ECNR).

December 21, it became clear that no boat insurance policy, which means that it cannot participate in the race.

Now, instead of a regatta Kosatka is in one of the marine of Sydney, decorated with the regulation, which States that “access to the Board without the permission of the head of the Federal Maritime court of Australia is prohibited and entails criminal responsibility.”

Team wants the owners of the ship reimbursed $315 thousand As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, it appears, originally the representative of the ECNR in Melbourne gave the lessees a certificate of insurance, which was allegedly issued by the Australian Maritime insurance company Pantanaeus. But after checking the documents, the organizers of the regatta it turned out that the papers were fake. Representatives Pantanaeus proved it and failed Kosatka crew, and police. Police have opened a criminal case under article “Fraud”.

According to the commentary of the representative of the Yacht Club Sopot for The Sydney Morning Herald, the team have not once cooperated with ECNR in other countries, and similar problems have arisen for the first time.

The law ECNR has 21 days to pay the payment, otherwise the court has the right to use as it arrested the boat. The very purpose of the arrest is to ensure the plaintiff’s damages.

In addition to the Yacht Club Sopot in the Rolex Sydney Hobart was not able to participate two out of 83 released at the start of the teams. The Australian crew of 15.8-meter-long 52 series Zen at 15:25 was forced to drop out of the race due to problems with the rigging. Is Hobart , the boat will go in Wollongong (Australia). After an hour of completion of participation in the regatta said the team is 30.5-metre Sun Hung Kai Scallywag from Hong Kong. One of the largest boat racing fleet, not only the Australian of five 30-meter boats, broke bowsprit.

Among those participants who are more fortunate, a day after the start of the leader (without handicap) the record holder of 2017 a 30.5-foot Comanche. To finish the team still has to overcome 190 nautical miles. It is about 30% of the total distance of 628 nautical miles.

On the tail of a Comanche three boat, such as a 30.5-meter, supermaxi like it is: Black Jack is 2.2 nautical miles from the leader, Wild Oats XI is 2.8 miles, and Infotrack — 6.4.

According to one member of the crew of Wild Oats XI, is a race with the minimum margin, which had to happen for the team.

“We have been to before intense fight with Comanche, but never had such a situation with the participation of all of our four yachts, as it is now,” says Chris Linx (Chris Links).

With HCP in the race lead another Australian team that goes to the 10.8-metre Sydney Midnight Rambler 36. To finish the boat still has to go through 350 nautical miles. In the ranking of Line Honours, she is 49.

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