The first photos of the new 93-metre Feadship yacht

In the morning of the 19th October 2018, the year the 93-foot yacht project #814, built by Feadship for the first time left the dock, located in Kaaga.

Over the next months before the final handover of the yacht to her new owners the ship will be completed on the water. Works include the installation of the folding terraces and additional control stations. In winter the yacht will be reliably protected from precipitation and low temperatures, and appear in all its glory in the spring of 2019.

New 93-foot yacht sets new standard of luxury. For the appearance of the ship was responsible Studio Michael Leach Design and the interior by Reymond Langton has developed.

According to Reymond Langton, the interior of the yacht can be compared to a “jewel box”.

During the construction of the yacht, during the preceding 5 years, future owners through a brokerage company Burgess was able to assemble a team of truly world class. Search of materials for interior decoration have occurred worldwide, have used the most rare woods and stone. Some distinctive features of the yacht include a two-storey IMAX theatre, a fully certified helipad, with the possibility of refueling with aviation fuel, 4 VIP cabins, the possibilities of occupation of different sports on Board: Golf, basketball, volleyball, and even football!

The owners present at the launching ceremony, expressed gratitude to all the staff here, and especially to the Director of the shipyard Jan-Bart Verkuyl: “Together with Feadship we’ve come a long way, which is more like a fascinating journey.”

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