Boat “polygamy” is not a sin. This happiness

Dudley Dawson in the column for Yachting magazine, he explains why it is perfectly OK to have more than one boat

One day someone from tired unhappy marriage husbands said that polygamy is when wives too much, and added that monogamy is no different. Known to us all sorts of sayings like the one which says that the yacht owner two happy days – when he buys a boat and when he sells it. Listen to some, since it seems to mess with the boat – it is still fun, with about the same success rate as marriage. Fortunately, the experience of the majority denies it.

A recent survey of BoatUS publications revealed that usually yahtovladeltsy have in their fleet, two boats with an average length of 12 meters.

This is not confirmed by statistics, but it seems quite realistic, even if we are talking about Amateur yacht size up.

Some buy several yachts for convenience. There are other reasons: one boat can be for cruising, one for sport – fishing, fourth cruises.

There are those who simply cannot find the strength to get rid of old yachts, which is associated with many pleasant memories. I had a client who burst into tears while planning sale of the family of the 19-meter motor yacht – no matter what new 27-foot boat is able to accommodate much more people, which is important given the rapidly growing number of great-grandchildren. Another client pension bought 50-metre motor yacht, collected in Europe, however all the time devoted to restoration of his father’s ship from Stephens Bros. Boat Builders, which was all his youth.

In my life I have achieved a lot and once even admitted that in my fleet had nine ships with engine and without. Now this figure has decreased to four, but already looking for a new favorite, and the addition can not be avoided. Like several previous, this is likely to be purchased impulsively – we are masters at rationalizing our need that caught the eye.

That’s funny, I still relate to mere mortals, while the lucky ones who look at us from your stratosphere, suffering from the same dilemma, but related to superyachts. Don’t know how many times I’ve been in Fort Lauderdale, palm beach or Monaco and ran across the “sold” sign hanging from the stern of the boat. The new owners see the beauty and buy without hesitation.

When people ask me why our family has so many boats, I’m not referring to the above scenario, and mention the old comic strip “Hagar the Terrible”, a story about opicana the captain of the Vikings. Once he asked his friend: “is it True that you have seven ships?” – “The truth,” he said. “But why?” – “I had eight, but one I sold.”

For the true connoisseur of such a response is entirely appropriate. Famous singers like Lionel Richie (Lionel Richie), or Pablo cruise (Pablo Cruise) sing that “love will always find a way”. Similarly, those who love the sea in all its volumes and forms, will always find a new boat or yacht is a good choice.

If sailing in your blood, it is logical that boats want as much as possible.

Boat polygamy is not a crime, and happiness.

Translated Denis Koshelev for itBoat.

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