The first sailing yacht to geulah will be launched in the spring of 2019

Of 43.3 metre motor-sailing yacht Baltic 142 Custom from Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts full preparing for launch, which should happen next spring. As reported by Boat International, the ship is already installed “box” for a retractable foil which will play the role of the dynamic stabilization system. Themselves the penalty (wide deck) Foley will deliver to the dock after the New year. Then they take their place under the owner’s cabin in the middle of the body.

In order not to waste time, the correct operation of the system was tested on models of hydrofoils.

This innovative system was developed by the shipyard in cooperation with Gordon Kay (Gordon Kay) from the Infiniti Performance Yachts. Also in creating the foil was attended by the engineers of the America’s Cup from BAR Technologies, which are currently working with INEOS, a British team member of the 36th Cup.

This system is not surprising, when talking about small sailboats. But for large superyachts it has never been used. To cope with folami this size and the anticipated load of 140 tonnes on the leeward bearings when they are deployed, installation of electric winches Harken with a payload of 20 tons. This will allow in any situation, it is safe to disclose faily touch of a button. It is assumed that due volam speed Baltic 142 Custom will grow by 5-20% depending on weather conditions.

According to Gordon Kaye, the technology of the installation of foil has reached a new level thanks to the project Baltic 142 Custom.

Britton ward (Britton Ward), Vice President of Farr Yacht Design responsible for the naval architecture and exterior of the boat, also added that the ship will be able to walk with the speed of the wind. And it’s not a figure of speech.

The creators hope that Baltic 142 Custom will be able to accelerate to levels equal to true wind speed.

Strain on the ship will not only folly, but the keel. Thanks to him the draught of the boat will vary from 3.8 to 6.5 meters.

In the absence of wind the yacht will go due to the power propulsion system from Cummins or Visedo. Also on Board were installed two electric generator and lithium-ion battery that will allow the boat for a long time to go in quiet mode.

The peculiarity of rig is that, unlike sports, a small yacht, a cave in the Baltic 142 Custom will be “square” Gately and not “triangular” Bermuda.

In addition to the owner’s on Board for passengers in the bow provides one VIP cabin and one guest. Three cabins aft for the crew. All interiors are on the boat with designers Baltic Yachts has developed Micheletti Lucio (Lucio Micheletti).

Although indoor cockpit Baltic 142 Custom glazed, its Windows will be equipped with electric lifting mechanism. Allow the wind to walk freely in this shaded area or, conversely, to close it, you just clicking.

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