79 participants more!

The fgbi “South Sports” have passed a comprehensive competition: 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia in the Olympic classes, the 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia in a class “Finn” and “the Sochi regatta”.

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Writes https://rusyf.ru (source: press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg), the total in the regatta was attended 369 athletes that 79 participants more than last year.

The competition took place in 15 classes of boats: Nakra 17 mixed (3 crew), 49th (4 crew), the 49th FX (4 crew), 470 (18 crews), Laser standard (20 athletes), Laser radial (W, Cup, 10 female athletes), Finn (9 athletes), RS:X women (6 athletes), RS:X men (13 athletes), 29th (18 crews), 420 (31 crew), Laser 4.7 (74 athletes, Laser radial (boys and girls, “the Sochi race” 45 athletes), Techno U15 (21 athletes), Techno U17 (30 athletes).

Significant growth was achieved mainly in the youth classes. So, in the 420 class in 2019 showed 31 participants vs 17 last year, in the class the 29th – 18: 10, in class Laser radial, 45 to 26, in class Laser 4.7 – 74 to 57 in the class Techno U17 – 30 vs 10 in class Techno U15 – 21 party against 8.

The regatta was held in cool weather: the temperature periodically drops below 10 degrees, which did not please neither athletes nor coaches. But lucky with the wind which is lost only in the final day of competition. In the first half of the regatta the wind steadily reached 6-10 m/s.

2nd stage of Cup of Russia was also the first stage of selection for the youth and juniors national teams of Russia on the European and world Championships, and “Sochi regatta” – a selection stage on superiority of Europe and the world for all athletes, who competed in non-Olympic classes. 2nd stage of selection will be held in Taganrog at the beginning of may. Teams will be supplemented with athletes ranked 1st place in their class after two stages.

Simultaneously there was a selection at the IX summer sports contest of pupils (youthful) Russia 2019. The representative turned out teams of Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region – 14 athletes, one less team to Moscow, which failed to show a decent result among young men in the class the Laser radial.


Here he writes about the success of their athletes who win in the pre-Olympic classes at the “Sochi regatta” gold, silver and three bronze, the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

In the class the 29th left no chances to competitors “academic” boys Ilya Chuprin and Brovin Rodion. They deservedly took the first place in the overall standings among men. The bronze went to another crew Academy – Vlad grahas/Ivan Sologubov.

In the 420 class, the crews of the Academy made on your level: Artem Kuzmin and Alexander Melnikov took 3rd place overall and the young men, Xenia Monastyreva and Tatiana Golozubova were third among girls.

Igor Tsvetkov, the trainer of children, was pleased with the regatta: “the Lads did well but could and should have performed better. Both crews went all out and solved the problem from the start, and in the fleet of 31 boats this is an important aspect. If you look at the age of our athletes for a year or two younger than their opponents, so that is progress, all the better. I also note that the girls were a bit let down materiel, the impact of the memorable “Gelendzhik regatta”-2018, well, we’ll fix it”.

470 class Artem Sudakov, recently returned to the classroom, and it Shkotovo Viktor Plekhanov became the seventh. “Artem – tie high level, but he needs to get used to remember how to control the “semidesyati”. With proper effort the result will come,” says Flowers.

In the class the 49th FX only guys who spoke out of contest, could compete with Marina ramming and angelina Markova. The result – gold.

In the class Techno U15 is one of the youngest participants Dobrynya Kolotaev was second in the overall standings among men. Winner – Nikita Nezhentsev – two years older.

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