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Two days of the Open championship in Windsurfing class RS:X, held in Mallorca, managed to conduct 5 races for both women and men.

Let’s start with the women – primarily because of the performances of Stephanie Eluting many fans waited with special interest. Nothing surprising: the bronze prize-winner of Olympic games-2016 in Rio six months did not go to the official start of the competition.

Here’s what he said on this occasion before the start of the championship the head coach of the national team of Russia Natalia Ivanova (in an interview with rusyf.ru):

– Mallorca Elfwina needs to examine the track and show what I was capable of at the moment. The athletes was quite a long break, associated with health. Now Stef is recovering, and we certainly don’t set goals at the beginning of the season to take off. As far as health and small forward, so she will act. Stefania will show itself, which begins this season. After this regatta she will quietly prepare for the world championship in Torbole, which will take place in September.”

Well, after five races Elfwina in the standings of the European championship is the 9th (and 11th in the overall classification). A good start given the crossing length in six months!

Two other Russian women – Anna and Maria Korikova Lemenkov – is now 38/52 and 46/70 respectively.

Leader in women representative of the French Charlene Picon.

Our men have the situation sad. After a successful performance, Burmistenko Vladislav and Alexander Askerov at the recent “Princess Sophia”, where they took fifth and sixth place, I hope that “Europe” both will not be going back. Although it was clear that “Princess” most of the leaders chose to skip Windsurfing, focusing on preparations for the European championship.

And yet we, admittedly, didn’t expect that after five races Askerov will 41/49, and Burmistenko 48/58 on the ground. The rest of our boys, of course, even lower: Evgeny Ayvazyan – 54/66, Maxim Tokarev – 66/83, Ilya Kirichuk – 72/92.

Leader of men is also the representative of France Louis Žiar.

Do not forget about the tournament boys. Here is dominated by the Israelis (seven of them among the first 15). As for the Russians, after six races Artem Akimov on 33/35 place, Anton Tokarev – 50/54, and Mikhail Alexandrov – 55/60.

Full results –



Here are the details passed to the press service of the Sailing school “Krestovsky island”. Much becomes clear:

The day before the competition, Vlad, Burmistenko temperature rose to 40 degrees, – said the coach Maxim Oberemko. – Didn’t understand why. Anyone have anything like this – all isolated from society. Only then it turned out that the head coach Natalia Ivanova sick, too…

Vlad didn’t even land to move freely – falling. Hardly climbed two floors to the team doctor. She that could, did. Taking the antibiotics. Long thought what to do from the start. We agreed that we will take a decision on the day of the race, depending on what will be the condition plus the desire of the athlete. I went to water on women’s distance – there starts earlier for three and a half hours, Vlad was left on the shore. Constantly called up. Came at a distance: incoherent speech, eyes blurred. I think, just come, let it start take, and then it will be sent home or on the boat will take…

During the first prelaunch procedures Vlad three fell. Including a minute before the start. … Started Looking for it at the end of the fleet, and he is coming the fifteenth. Finished in the first half. All pale. Say: I’ll take you home. We sat and drank sweet: Coca-Cola is our main drink in such situations, invigorating, resulting in feelings. It has a lot of sugar, helps a lot. Watching: flushed. Say, “Well, go to the beach!”. “What Bank? I’ll go to the race!” I was shocked at his will power…

Tried to compete. And came even better. I didn’t understand how he does it… At the end of the first day was above all the Russians.

On the shore continued treatment. The second day of antibiotics. Like it became better. However, neither the hand nor the foot is still normal to not raise can. But the second day tetroxide in distilled. Forces, of course not, but did what I could. In the end, only 8 points short of the gold fleet.

Today the weakness is still present, but better. More antibiotics will not accept. In the silver fleet included a training mode. That’s how it is. Like with the materiel on “Princess Sofia” figured out, did what I wanted, but health failed and…

Anna Korikova in the gold fleet also didn’t get, now goes to 52. The first day was “confusion and vacillation”. When I started to work with her, it seemed to me that she’s not ready for this level starts. But yesterday, in my opinion, made a breakthrough, has shown promise.

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