Languages at the finish line!

Important news. That was on Facebook a few hours ago mark Simbad:

Famous Russian sailor Viktor Yazykovo “Daughters of the Wind” has less than 400 miles to completion of a single non-stop voyage around the world.

But astern more than 25 thousand miles. 180 days. The yacht was built under the project of Viktor Yazykov. Proved their great seaworthiness. Passed all 3 of the Cape and the famous Cape horn. In the stormy southern Ocean, diurnal transitions repeatedly exceeded 180-190 miles. And it’s at a length of just 24 ft. They beat the races GGR, which started almost 3 months earlier. And if you count the distance from the Canary Islands to the Canary Islands, and the winner of the race Van Den Heede and his “Rustler 36”.

And this is not the first circumnavigation of Viktor Yazykov “Daughters of the Wind”.

Russia should be proud of your hero.

Keeping fingers. Today the wind is North-West.. By evening the wind will drop in the North to gain. Wind should be enough for 2 days. C visits to the North-North – East and waste on the North-North-West during the day.

I hope April 1, Victor and “daughter of the Wind” will meet in Marina Del Sur Tenerife.

PS though not as met Van Den Heede of France. But there are also Russians in the Canary Islands. Hey, bloggers and vlogery…

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