Match racing – it’s cool!

From 21 to 23 September in yacht-club “Nut” on the Pirogov reservoir will be a match-race 4-category World Sailing.

UC organizes the regatta “Sailing Academy” with the support of the Club match racing and all-Russian Federation of sailing.

It will be 3-th stage of the MATCH RACING CLUB TOUR. Regatta will be held on the yacht of the modern national class Open-800.

The intensity of the struggle is one of the most exciting sailing racing formats. A short distance, the clarity of the work of the crews, fighting in a close distance and knowledge of the rules at the level of experts – all this the discipline of “match racing”.

This time for the fans and participants will be organized vessel transplantation and monitoring of races.

We expect teams from Saratov and St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and the Moscow region, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

UTS “Sailing Academy”

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