Youth Olympic games continue.

Greek and Italian retain the lead, Argentina helps native waters.

Despite the light wind, racing was held in all classrooms. Windsurfer has returned to racing fleet and kiters launched at the second attempt.


Dazzling performance of a German Alina Corneli allows her to keep the lead in the kite.

Of the 5 races she has won 4 and lost 5 points from the nearest rival – Sofia Tomasini of Italy. In third place is Spanish Nina Font.

“In the last Final And had to fight with Nina. In the beginning I was in the lead, then she passed me, but at the finish of the first one was me again. I am very happy with the results and will make every effort to keep the lead.“ said Cornelli at the end of the race day.

Slovene Tony Vodisek who won the last race, managed to climb to third place in the overall standings.

Dori Cornielle from the Dominican Republic who won the first three races, failed to show the same confident results and came sixth in the last two races. Despite that, he still leads in the overall standings, ahead of American Cameron Paramenides two points.

Nacra 15:

The Dutch Laila van der Meer and Barn Bower, rose to second place after winning yesterday two of the four races. The leader of the home Duo in the face of Dante’s Cittadini and Teresa Romairone.

According to van der Meer – “the Wind was not stable and gusty, so it was difficult to predict what will happen.”

Techno 293+:

In the men’s and women’s games, the leaders remained the same – that Italian GA Speciale, detached on 13 points from Manon Pianezza (France) and the Greek Alexandros Karagiannakis, 6 points ahead of Rennes Nicolo from Italy.

Russia’s Yana Reznikova dropped to the fourth position, missing, Naomi Gazit from Israel.

Egor Zhilin takes the 12th place.

All results can be viewed here.

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