Wow – strangers!

December 25, 2019

      Wow – strangers!
      Amazing events take place in St. Petersburg! Passion boils – Shakespearean! And, most importantly, around the sail. We will understand what is the matter.

Wow - strangers!

And two posts will help us understand (we will give them with small reductions), which Natalya Fedorova published on her Facebook page. She is a highly respected person: in the past – the head coach of the Russian national sailing team, and now – the director of the Krestovsky Ostrov Sailing School.

Here is the first post by Fedorova:

“Soon the election of the governing bodies of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union. I have not interfered in the activities of the Union for a long time, but now, being the director of the State. Schools, I simply do not have the right to stay away … Yes, I believe that the Union needs new ideas, forces, resources. Healthy competition, in my opinion, is only for the benefit of the organization. I allowed myself to openly speak out in support of Alexei Semenov, an alternative candidate to the current government. And then it began …

Applications for membership in the Union from our leading athletes, coaches, parents of athletes were blocked. Together with them, statements by members of the Association SB20, Santer-760, "Nautical Classes", Yacht Club "Nevka", River Yacht Club of Trade Unions, etc., were blocked for entry. etc. They were all counted as “stuffing” (discharges, garbage …) – the alignment, according to the calculations of the current leaders, ceased to be in their favor.

Outraged by this state of affairs, we – those who were left "overboard" – decided to come to the next meeting of the Presidium, to ask why we were so objectionable to the Union … Being honest (read naive) we announced our intention to some members of the Presidium. The reaction was not long in coming. On the page in the FB (which, incidentally, is just ridiculous for official notification), an official message was published – the Presidium was declared CLOSED! The Presidium of the PUBLIC ORGANIZATION was closed from its members!

I called the current President of the Union Alekseev Sergey Pavlovich to clarify – is this a mistake? I was peremptorily declared – "THESE WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THE PRESIDIUM OF THE SPPS PUBLIC ORGANIZATION!" …

Five points! And now …? 300 athletes, 22 coaches, administration, parents … did you all go where …? The state budgetary institution “Krestovsky Ostrov” Sports Sailing School with all its achievements in favor of the city and the country is OUTSIDE …? !!

I reserve the right to openly fight for the rights of the School I lead, to defend the rights of those who believe in me. I urge everyone to be indifferent to the fate of sailing in St. Petersburg! ”

And now – post number 2:

“The entrance to … the Presidium was guarded more seriously than in the currency bars in the USSR. Security guard, face control, in general – everything is as it should, so that not a single enemy leaks out. But this is all so, the lyrics.

And how it all began …

On one of the days of mid-November, there was information that Mr. Lyubomirov V.A. ordered parents of children – Academy athletes to join SPPS. In total, about 160 applications were brought to the Secretariat of the Union at once. News quickly flew around the community. You do not have to be seven spans in your forehead to understand what is happening. This scheme of pumping votes using the parent resource of the Academy has previously been successfully tested at the Optimist class Association.
Here I take off my hat to the respected Vladimir Alexandrovich, for a long time nothing has united St. Petersburg yachtsmen. Many communities that previously traditionally ignored entry into the Sailing Union have decided not to stand aside. In total, more than five hundred (!) Applications from members of yacht clubs, associations of yacht classes, sailing schools and simply yachtsmen without belonging to anyone were submitted to the meeting of the presidium on November 21. And, it would seem, the leadership should rejoice at the organization’s popularity.

But this did not seem to cause joy. And this caused a convulsive calculation, which of the presidential candidates has many potential supporters. After the meeting of the Presidium, it was announced that the Union had about 990 active members.
And then it began already completely inexplicable.

For starters, the lists of members of the organization were urgently classified. Access to them was closed even to the secretary, whose duties include the direct work with them. That is, access to the lists remained only with the incumbent President (he, I note, a candidate for this post for the next term). One can only guess what happened in the period from November 21 to December 9, but on December 9 it was announced that they would not accept anyone else in the Union. From this it follows that, apparently, all who should have been accepted are now accepted – has the necessary balance of votes been restored? This version is also supported by the fact that it was announced at the presidium on December 21 that there were already 1700 active members in the Union! No comments…
I have only one question: can anyone explain what it was, for what it is all for, and what we will get to? ”

From the editors of Yacht Russia. Passions, you see for yourself, really boil serious. And all this is connected, as Fedorov rightly observes, with the fact that on February 1 a report-and-election conference of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union should take place. There are two candidates for the post – the current president of the SPPS Sergey Alekseev and Alexei Semenov, whose candidacy was nominated by the Russian SB20 Class Association.

This unexpected appearance of a competitor, apparently, caused a stir (it would be better, of course, to use a different, tougher word) in the leadership of the Union of Right Forces – especially as the previous elections were uncontested. That the meeting of the Presidium of the Federation – a public organization! – unexpectedly made closed from prying eyes and ears (!), Otherwise you can’t call scandalous. The opposing side in response, of course, did not become silent.

All the last days of Montecchi and the Capulet of the St. Petersburg sail exchange stinging statements. The matter came to mutual accusations of plagiarism. What will be next? Indeed, before the reporting and election conference more than a month!

SPPS is one of the largest and most influential sailing organizations in our country. But with her, of course, and the demand should be special. Obviously, the reason for the current scandal in the Union of Right Forces is the dissatisfaction of the city’s sailing public with the Union’s activities and the desire to give a new impetus to its work.

Is the current leadership of the SPPS, headed by Alekseev capable of turning on other speeds – or, as now, will rely on administrative resources? Will the team led by Semenov be able to convince electors that the future is hers?

We want to emphasize: we at Yacht Russia strongly condemn the exclusion of WFPS members from the meeting of the SPPS Presidium. Decisions taken at this meeting should be reversed. In our opinion, it is necessary to hold a new meeting of the Presidium – in the presence and with the participation of all interested parties. Finally, we hope that Vladimir Silkin, President of the All-Union Federal Border Guard Service, will express his opinion on this flagrant situation.

The editors of Yacht Russia intend to continue to closely monitor events in St. Petersburg.

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