Sydney Hobart may not take place!


      Sydney Hobart may not take place!
      That is how it is – it may not happen. Despite the fact that we are talking about one of the most famous races in the world – the 630-mile Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which also should be held for the 75th anniversary this year.

Sydney Hobart may not take place!

It can be canceled due to forest fires that are raging in the Australian state of New South Wales. Around Sydney alone – more than eighty pockets! Over the city and the harbor – dense smoke (breathing such air, according to doctors, is extremely dangerous to health), plus minimal visibility.

Because of this, yesterday, on Tuesday, the organizers canceled in Sydney the “warm-up” race that preceded Sydney-Hobart. Her name is very long, but still give it – Grinders Coffee SOLAS Big Boat Challenge.

Before the start of Sydney-Hobart – December 26 – of course, there is still time. The commander of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (which is held by Sydney-Hobart) Paul Billingham in an interview today expressed his timid hope that three thousand firefighters will be able to defeat the fire in the coming days – or at least reduce the area of ​​fires. On the other hand, he honestly admitted: the situation is very real, in which the start of the famous race will have to be postponed, and, possibly, canceled.

Will it come true?

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