Morspassluzhba defended the Cup


      Morspassluzhba defended the Cup
      The International Sailing Regatta Ust-Luga Cup 2019 has completed. The victory was won by the team of the Marine Rescue Service of Russia. For three years of participation in competitions, rescuers have won the main trophy for the second time.

Morspassluzhba defended the Cup

The fate of the first place in the senior division, whose participants, according to the current Regulations on the competition, play a challenge cup among themselves, was decided on the last day of the regatta. Moreover, the final position of the teams remained unclear even in the course of the last race – I only put the time recount on the places of all, taking into account the racing score. Ust-Luga Company didn’t have enough to beat rivals on points. The team won the stage in Kotka, however, FURIOSA was second, which led to the final equality of points and the victory of the Morspassluzhba by additional indicators – the rescuers had more won races at the Cup.

The time for detailed analysis has not yet come. However, it is already possible to note the sharpest competition, which we witnessed in two divisions: for the Challenge Cup in the senior test group and the dispute over the distribution of prizes in the second group, where everything remained hazy until the last yacht finish in the final race. Also worthy of special attention is the performance in the third division of the Rosmorport team on the yacht POSTIMEES, which did not lose a single race in this regatta.

Yachtsmen from the Marine Rescue Service of Russia retained the title of the winner of the regatta and the right to possess the Ust-Luga Cup for another year. Thus, one of the “rules” was violated, which always worked before – no team won the Cup twice in a row.

We add that in addition to the main prizes at the solemn ceremony held last weekend in St. Petersburg, the Russian Railways team received a special award. The yacht "Loko" won the first place in the Tallinn-Helsinki race, for which the special prize of the general sponsor of the regatta – DAMEN Trophy – was established. The second and third place in this nomination went to the teams “Smelt” and POSTIMEES.

Results of the Ust-Luga Cup 2019:

Group 1:

Morspassluzhba (yacht FURIOSA) – 11 points

Company Ust-Luga / BMA (yacht "Smelt") – 11

Russian Railways (Loko) – 16

Transmashholding ("Oriole") – 22

MMTP (FLYT) – 30

Group 2:

Morstroytechnology I (PREMIUM) – 10

Maritime Register (FORTE) – 13

EESTI 1520 (OLYMPIC) – 13

Group 3:

Rosmorport (POSTIMEES) – 6

Morstroytechnology II (TUULE) – 13

Russian Register ("World") – 18

SU GT Morstroy (MIMI) – 23

The regatta is supported by the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the All-Russian Sailing Federation.

The main sponsor of the competition is the shipbuilding company DAMEN SHIPYARDS GROUP

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