World Sailing – course of irritation Part 4. The Council completed

The WS Council concluded its meeting on Saturday 3 November 2018 for the 2018 annual conference in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Today held a General conference of the WS.

Here is a brief report of what happened yesterday in Sarasota.

The statement of the Director General

Andy hunt presented the Director General’s report, financial report, commercial report and findings of stakeholder satisfaction, budget 2019 and forecast budget for four years.

WS in the beginning of this year has released an ambitious five-year strategy for 2018-2022 in may of this year, it is broken down into four areas that include “inspiration and participation,” “membership management”, “unity sports” and “leadership in sport”. Hunt, in his report presented updated information about this strategy.

One of the objectives of the WS was to restore the sails on the Paralympic games in 2024. The task was outstanding. In the report of the General Director spoke about the peculiarities of the International Paralympic Committee process, it solutions and explained how the failed to restore the sails. Many Council members expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the IPC.

The process of re-evaluation of equipment

The WS Board approved the recommendation of the reassessment of Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy (single Dinghy for men and women). For the new evaluation recommended the following classes:

D-Zero presented Devotti Sailing s.r.o.;

Laser Standard and Laser Radial, presented by ILCA;

Melges 14 presented by Melges Boat Works Inc.,
NELO and Mackay Boats Ltd.;

RS Aero submitted by RS Sailing.

After the test phase, the Council will choose new equipment in 2019.

Sailing Board of men and women also fell under the procedure of re-evaluation and the Council voted on a specific procedure for such evaluation. The procedure will be published on the website of WS in the coming weeks.

Sailing discipline

Director of sailing disciplines Alastair Fox gave a full report on the complex sailing events over the last 12 months. He was joined by Klaus Natorp, head of Sailing world Cup 2018.

They both reported on the championship in Aarhus, which is considered the most successful of the number conducted to date. Went very wide procedure for the broadcasting, only in Denmark the show took a more than 30-hours on television. President Kim Andersen noted that in the Danish media coverage of the world Cup of sailing was on a par with the Cycling race Tour de France.

It was noted the success of the Youth Olympic games in Buenos Aires, which Argentina took in October. They just two countries – the Dominican Republic and the Philippines, the first to be on the podium of a large sports sailing event.

The next Youth Olympics will be held in Dakar (Senegal) in 2022.

The most important thing

The members of the Annual conference agreed to discuss the special resolution on the “Submission 031-17” on the introduction of a class of mixed twin keel yachts, “knocked out” of the program OI the class “Finn”.

(However, as we know personally, and Kim Anderson, and Andy hunt – despite a fairly wide protests are lobbying for the representation and introduction of yachts L30 as a replacement for the Finn class).

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