The most isolated in the world!

In Christchurch (New Zealand) may 15, moored 67-year-old canadian bill norrie, who makes a single round trip in his 28-foot yacht Pixie.

In a way norrie went 1 last September from the town of Port Renfrew on the West coast of Canada. Three months ago, made a short stop in Cape town – we needed to restock and something to fix. In New Zealand he initially was not going to stop, but caught in a violent storm and realized that the repair just need.

Because of this storm norrie almost lost the connection – except a few times managed to obtain from his wife e-mails via satellite, and that, of course, told him about the coronavirus, but to go into detail did not. So we can say that any idea about what is happening in the world of men, the traveler had not.

And imagine, he is extremely lucky that he arrived in Christchurch on 15 may. Because for three days previously in New Zealand simply would not let at borders was of the most severe quarantine.

Fortunately, the quarantine was removed (in time!), but the police, who arrived to the pier to meet norrie, first tried to send it… to two weeks of isolation. Canadian with great difficulty managed to convince them that this is not necessary. After all, he was completely isolated from people for three months!

“I was the most isolated man on the planet, and they didn’t want to let me in,” says bill. According to him, during this time, people’s habits have changed a lot, and its many surprises. For example, norrie can’t get used to the fact that it is necessary to observe social distance.

God forbid that by the time when he returns to Canada, no more strange rules and habits!

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