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An important decision Annual conference of the World Sailing in Bermuda: iFoil selected as the windsurfer for men and women at the Olympic games in 2024 (Paris)

World Council for sailing approved the list of activities and equipment for the Olympic games sailing Paris in 2024 at the annual conference 2019 in Bermuda.

The Council, the main governing body of World Sailing, have discussed whether to change the Events (Events) and Equipment at the Paris Olympics in 2024, but no one supported this proposal, which was therefore rejected in accordance with the rules of the World Sailing. Next, the Council moved to the Committee’s recommendations on the hardware to choose iFoil as men’s and women’s windsurfer on the Games in 2024.

The Council approved the selection iFoil after WS 31 members voted in favor, eight against, and two abstained. This decision will now be sent to the Annual meeting of participants of World Sailing, which should approve it.

Combined twin keel yacht

After selecting the conference 2018 a mixed keel boat-two offshore race for sailing world, the Council said the process of selecting equipment for this Olympic regatta and its qualifying competitions, approving the application 043-19 with 39 delegates who voted in favor (two “against”, abstentions – nil).

The statement indicates that the criteria for suitable equipment for the qualification competition in mixed sea race will be published no later than 31 December 2020. At the same time will be published an additional set of criteria for the selection of equipment for Olympic games in Paris in 2024. The recommendation also stated that the Equipment for Paris 2024 will be selected no later than 31 December 2023

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