The wind is back, but …

October 30, 2019

      The wind is back, but …
      In Spanish Cadiz, the world championship in the Techno 293 class is held. According to the press service of the All-Union Central Federal Assembly, in two racing days the organizers held four races – two for youth under 17 and under 15 years old.

The wind is back, but ...

Unfortunately, right at the start of the competition, the wind made adjustments to the plans of athletes. On Monday, he was absent – accordingly, the race was not held. But on Tuesday, he decided to return – though not for long.

“In the morning the entire water area was covered with fog, there was no wind,” said Boris Minaev, a trainer from Moscow. – Racing was postponed, everyone was waiting. As soon as the wind went, they jumped out into the water. The first race of the guys took place in the middle wind, there was no gliding yet. And by the second wind intensified, and the race was already in the conditions of gliding. "

On the eve of the races, the organizers divided the athletes of each age group into two fleets. In the category of up to 15 years, where 89 participants perform, these are gray and green fleets. Young men under 17 years old (137 participants) have blue and yellow.

The main task of athletes in the qualification phase is to get into the first half of the results table – and, therefore, into the golden fleet. It is in it that the struggle for medals and good final places will be waged.

After the first two races in older youths, the best of the Russians was Mikhail Alexandrov – with 35 points he is the 33rd. Three points behind him, Vladimir Filatov, occupying 35th place.

“Both of these athletes are still in the golden fleet. Most likely, Ivan Kovbasyuk will also go there – he is the 65th, ”said Boris Minaev. – Gleb Semiletov and Danil Dineev so far in silver. In younger boys, Dmitry Nesterenko (26th) and Gennady Povarnin (43rd) fall into the golden fleet. Egor Seminikhin needs one good parish to achieve the goal. I hope he can handle it. ”

Unfortunately, the girls didn’t have enough wind yesterday. Therefore, today it is they who will be the first to launch.

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