The Leader Of The “Akhmad”

According to the website in Sochi on the basis and with the support of the Sochi Grand Marina by Burevestnik group started the championship of Russia in a class the J/70. In the black sea waters out of 24 teams.

Sochi is one of the favorite areas of the Championships of Russia on sailing, but the championship in this class, the Olympic capital will host for the first time.

The first day of racing turned out to be quite complicated: despite predictions, a sign of a complete lack of wind and pouring rain, both did not happen, but, unfortunately, the wind came at 50-60 degrees, which twice led to the cancellation of the launch. In the end, the table of intermediate results 2 racing.

At the moment the leadership was captured by the winners of the top division of the National sailing League team “Ahmad” Alexander Bozhko. They have 4 points in 2 races. The second and third lines with the same number of points – 7 – take commands-twin cities – M Sailing Team Andrey Malygin and M Sailing Team – CSKA Michael Polabskogo. On the fourth line of MATRYOSHKA Natalia Kravets – 8 points. For 9 in their asset recorded by the crews of THE Pyotr Nosov and ZID art Sailing team Zoran paunović.

The seventh place the first day ends RUSSOTRANS Yuri Morozov – they have 17 points. The eighth line of the champion-2018 ArtTube RUS1 Valeria Kovalenko. The ninth the first day of racing graduated from USC under the leadership of Edward Skornyakova. Top ten short Igor Rytov and his “Russian heroes”.

On 2 November, the start of the championship of Russia in class J/70 will continue. Based on “lean” on the race of the first day, it’s safe to assume that Saturday races will be a lot.

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