Krutskikh – fifth in the list of the best of the best


      Krutskikh – fifth in the list of the best of the best
      The Finn Masters World Championship was due to kick off this week in Holland – the jubilee 50th in a row. It was planned that more than three hundred fans of Finn class yachts will take part in the championship and celebrations. But…

Krutskikh - fifth in the list of the best of the best

But, like everything this year, the coronavirus prevented it. The decision to cancel the anniversary tournament was made in March. At that moment, the number of applicants has already exceeded 250 …

The celebrations, however, did not begin to be canceled – they are simply now held online. For example, published a list of the most famous Finn-Masters racers of the fiftieth anniversary. The calculation was as follows: for the first place at the World Cup – 6 points, for the second – 3, for the third – 1.

The best of the best turned out to be Czech Michael Mayer, who has 40 points and 6 league titles. Only one point less than the German Andre Budzien – at the world championships he won three times, but seven times became the second. Canadian Larry Lemieux, the third on the honorary list, has 37 points and 5 league titles.

As for our three-time world champion Vladimir Krutsky, he is on the list in fifth position – 21 points. But we are sure that he is still ahead. After all, Vladimir is “only” 47 years old!

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