With amazing constancy

September 20, 2019

      With amazing constancy
      Today, the final race of the European Championship in the Flying Dutchman class will be held on Lake Balaton. But the winners are already known – these are the Hungarians олabolz Maiteni and Andras Domokos.

With amazing constancy

On Thursday at Balaton 3 races were held, and the Hungarian crew won two of them (in total Maitenia and Domokos had 4 first arrivals in 8 races held). Their success at the regatta is by no means a sensation. On the contrary, it would be surprising if Maitenius and Domokos lost to someone their first position. After all, they have occupied a leading position in the class for two decades and are 13-time world champions, and now also 6-time European champions. Amazing constancy!

As for the Russians, they are still at the bottom of the table, but they are fighting! Here is what Boris Kuzminov wrote this time on his Facebook page:

“On the fourth (if I’m not mistaken) race day, three races were held. The strength of the wind is about the same as on Wednesday, only then the wind died down from race to race, and today the opposite morning there was calm and carrot for an hour, and then it swelled … We had a boom guy and something else … and the remains of the top one finally fell off fetters (to which in the morning the tympanic block was accidentally tied). It was God who heard us and deprived us of the opportunity to die in the last race of the day … you finally have no strength left. "

Kuzminov and Yuri Firsov occupy 47th place. The line above the table is Andrey and Dmitry Novoderezhkiny. Andrey Berezhnoy / Denis Medvedev – in 49th place. Mikhail Senatorov / Sergey Borodinov – on the 50th.

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