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You used to control every minute of your life, and skillfully combine business meetings, fitness training and get-togethers with friends. Every event at altitude — at least you do not agree. No time to cook at home is not, and so I want to bring to perfection the delicate porridge, risotto Italian-style or classic brownie.

It’s time to change the rules of the game! The most exquisite gourmet cuisine will help prepare MULTISEP U804 from BORK is the embodiment of modern design and technological innovation. With one click on smartphone choose your favorite dishes from a growing collection of recipes apps BORK and enjoy its culinary victories with your personal chef.

MULTISEP BORK U804 helps to reveal creative potential, opens up the possibility of permanent gastronomic experiments in the style of Haute cuisine. You can control the boss with your smartphone via mobile app by BORK. In one click you can access: a regularly updated collection of recipes from chefs, select the settings for cooking and the possibility of making a shopping list for your culinary masterpieces.

Universal interface multisafe includes 8 automatic modes, one of which is Sous Vide – a technology restaurant level cooking in a vacuum. Moreover, MultiSet touch offers 16 programmes for different types of cereals and grains. Thanks to high-precision temperature sensor IR-Smart Sensor™ and the system of uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the pool IR – Smart Road™ process cooking your favorite dishes is approaching perfection.

High style in the best traditions of BORK and special intellectual profile makes U804 indispensable in the kitchen.

With multisets U804 you will only have to choose a recipe!

Start Your personal course chef along with BORK.

Prepare ajap-sandal with veal! Place in a bowl of multisafe layers of thin medallions of veal, potatoes, onion, bell pepper, eggplant, tomatoes and garlic. Add the spices and Basil leaf. Then pour a third Cup of water, close the lid, set the timer for 30 minutes and the temperature to +100 C. Serve garnished with greens.Baglama lamb will be prepared in multisafe 50 minutes of sautéing, risotto with smoked cheese and asparagus for about 20 minutes, and the salmon with vegetables and orange less than 15 minutes!For dessert, you can bake chocolate muffins. To do this, first turn multichef in the steam bath and melt in the bowl a couple pieces of chocolate and butter. Then, whisk the sugar with the yolks, pour in the mass of melted chocolate, add flour, stir until smooth and leave in the fridge over night, pre-spill batter over the cups. Chilled muffins cook mode, the Control 30 minutes at a temperature of 130 °C. Garnish with powder, berries, or English cream.

These and many other recipes you will find in the corporate app BORK is available for download under the working title “BORK – Deliberate Excellence” and on the website

Prepare exquisite, beautiful and delicious, surprise yourself and loved ones!

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