With a victory, Denis!

May 29, 2019

      With a victory, Denis!
      Denis Taradin became the winner of the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships. The tournament was held in Beihai (China). Here is another post that Denis made on his Facebook page:

With a victory, Denis!

On the fourth day it was planned to hold 6 races to catch up with the schedule. Already in the morning a great breeze was blowing (6-8 knots), although according to the forecast it was supposed to rain. First, we drove 4 races in a row in each fleet. Then we were sent to a break, and after the break we were given another two races. In general, I drove away not badly, there are a couple of jambs that need to be worked on, but how can they be without them ?! I come to this competition to raise my level. At the end of the day, everyone was very, very tired and the total number of races had already reached 16. I have 15 points advantage over Italian Mario Kalbuchi. Tomorrow is scheduled to hold the command relay …

… Unfortunately, yesterday we failed to carry out the baton, as the promised cyclone with rain still came. Therefore, at 14:00, they canceled the racing day, and all the athletes went to the local mall.

And today there was no forecast. All day was calm. In the end, I took 1st place in the Asian Championship. Today at 6 there will be an award ceremony, and tomorrow I will fly to Marseille for the World Sailing World Cup final.

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