Blame keelblock?

May 29, 2019

      Blame keelblock?
      In the story of the death of a 130-foot (39.6 m) megayacht My Song in the Mediterranean, which fell into the water from the deck of a cargo ship carrying it, something finally began to clear up.

Blame keelblock?

David Holly decided to speak publicly – the head of the largest British transport company Peters & May, which is the world leader in providing services for the transportation of yachts and boats. On the cargo ship of this company there was a tragic incident with My Song.

Here is what Holly said in a press release:

“We were informed about the fall of the yacht from the deck of the cargo ship MV Brattinsborg at about 4 am on 26 May. … Immediately after this, Peters & May’s management instructed the captain of MV Brattinsborg to attempt to rescue the yacht – until third-party rescuers were called in to help …

At the time of the release of this press release on May 28, the rescue operation was still ongoing. At the same time, Peters & May gave the command to MV Brattinsborg to continue sailing to Genoa, in order to ensure the safety of other yachts installed on the ship.

A thorough investigation into the incident is underway. According to the initial assessment, the reason for the fall of the yacht overboard was the destruction of the keelblock (belonging to the yacht included in the kit for transportation and storage of the yacht and assembled by the yacht team) on the way from Palma to Genoa. ”

Mr. Holly emphasized that this is the initial assessment, which must be confirmed in due course.

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