Winged Formula

In the Polish city of Puck, held the first world championship in the class Formula Windsurfing. Many will be surprised: as if this class of Windsurfing for a long time and well known?

The explanation is simple: it was the first Formula Windsurfing World Championship Foil. Pay attention to the word Foil? That’s the whole secret. Formula Windsurfing has become popular.

The struggle in puck was exciting. Just imagine: after 21-th race (in five volumes) the fate of the gold medals decided by just one point! The Australian Steve Allen – 39. The pole Maciek Rutkowski – 40.

Played the puck and the Russians. Best of our – Sergey Pavlenko – finished 35. But it became second in the category “GMaster”. Cool!

The full results of the championship

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