Commissioners won a license!

All’s well that ends well. At the end of today to Sakaiminato (Japan) the world championship in the class “Laser standard”, Sergey Komissarov was able to earn for Russia for the Olympic games.

But what is Sergey was worth it! We will remind, on the eve of taking in two races Monday, 41-th and 33-th place, the Commissioners immediately dropped to the 20th position in the overall standings. Medal hopes, alas, disappeared. But perhaps even worse was the big question chances to get an Olympic license, which seemed so real.

Decided the final two races of the championship, held today. The first of these Commissioners finished only 30-m. Now to retreat, and indeed it was nowhere. At the last race Sergey came out as the last battle, and…

And was in her third! That earned him 17th place overall and the coveted license. Congratulations, Sergey!

Recall that in Sakaiminato had to play 5 trips to the Olympics. So they went to Sweden (Jesper Hardangerfjord and in Voss – 13-e a place), Argentina (Francisco Guaragna – 14th), Russia (Sergey Komissarov – 17th), Hungary (Benjamin Vadnai – 20-e) and Guatemala (Juan Ignacio Maali – 22-e).

Oh, we forgot to call someone who has won the gold tournament! And got it to Olympic champion Tom Burton from Australia, the advantage of which was so impressive that he became the winner ahead of schedule, before the last race.

It remains to add that Maxim Nikolaev has occupied 47-e a place, Daniil Krutskikh – 71-E.

The full results of the championship

Here is a video prepared by the press service of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg:

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